Sunday, July 03, 2011

on things I love...

Okay so it's July? Really? You are kidding me right? I feel like I just flew back from Seattle after getting married to the love of my life. Where did May & JUNE go? This summer is going by too quickly. 
I love summer and I want it to take it's time. I can do without the days were Mr. Weather is so hot that I can't breath, my bangs are sticking to my forehead like nobodies business and I'm sweating in places I don't even want to say...Those days I can do with out. But other than that I love summer!

Aren't these Red, White and Blue Candy bars brilliant?! I wanted to die and when I saw these. Love love love. Definitely going to try this out next July 4th :) By the way, Cherry Tea Cakes blog has wonderful fun dessert recipes. Check it out, I want to make everything. 

I love this MAN! Can you say mouth-watering?! Mhhmm. I am so happy True Blood is back! Mainly so I can see this face every Sunday. I die :D And yes, I am a Truebie & proud of it. 

This bedding set. It's beautiful. I would like to brighten up my room with it :)

Love this wonderful picnic basket and this picnic shindig. I need this, it would inspire me to enjoy more picnics. 

I love this book. Seriously so good! It took me a while to finally get through it because I started it right before the wedding and had no time to really put a dent in it until the week after I got home. I won't lie it took a little bit of reading for me to get into it but then it was like BOOOM and I couldn't put it down. And best yet there is another book following it next year! I'm so excited for it. 

Love this cute print of every possible stacking doll :) The Hungarian one is my fav. 

I heart this amazing dresser made into an island. So creative!

Last but not least...
I LOVE this beautiful women. Her birthday is tomorrow. Yes, July 4th. What a fun birthday! And she gets to spend it on Orcas Island :) Love you Love you!


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  1. Love you right back baby -- bigger than you'll ever be able to know. Thanks for the lovely surprise of having me on this list. Miss you! Hey and those candy cookie bar things look really fun. I also love the pics of you and Bobby for the same reasons you do. so cute!