Sunday, July 03, 2011

on the R-Phillies game...

Yesterday was a blast. The drive to Reading is about an hour with no stops and so we made it to the field around 5:30pm. We got there just in time for the game to start. Parking was nightmare and we had to park super far away but other than that we were pumped. Debbie has been doing this shindig for many many years now with family and friends. The Reading Phillies park is family oriented and that's something that we just love about it. Debbie reserves seats in the picnic area of the park were we are right up front on the right side of the field. Take a look at where we spent our night.

We were up close to seeing the game and a lovely barbecue buffet to grab food anytime we wanted. It was great! The boys hung out in the pool and watched the game from there. 
Sebastian made friends with one of the mascots :)
Drank lemonade out of his Phillies straw and played with is Phillies sillybands. 
Ate Dippin' Dots :) 
And fed his Dad :D 
After getting our cool treat we headed back to the pool where, as you can tell, Sebastian made lots of friends. I don't know how this kid does it but he had a whole following of teenage girls and boys :)
Game ended at 9pm and everyone was shooed out of the pool to get ready for fireworks. 
We watched half the firework show (which is still the best show I've ever seen!) and then started to head to the car to beat the mad rush of people once it was over. It was such a nice time and we always look forward to it. We already cannot wait for next year. Thanks Debbie Scotti Fritz for letting us share this day with you!


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