Sunday, July 17, 2011

on one thing I know for sure...

One thing I know for sure after the some odd years of my life is that being positive in every aspect in my life is the best that I can do to maintain my happiness. Don't get me wrong not every day is a positive one. Some days I totally need to give myself a pep talk or take a step back and just breathe it out. We all have our downer days. But the best part of having a positive attitude is that when you do feel like all that negativity is coming, and the positive sets in and washes all the bad away. It's become a lot easier to do this at the stage in life I am now. 

Rewind six years and I was not the same person I am now. But who is! Negative was all I was. It seeped out of me like oily filth. I grew up with a constant negative persona of life. Parents hated each other. Alcoholism was present in my house hold for as long as I can remember (or really until there was no house hold at all) and with all that it made me just as negative as everything around me. It wasn't so much as something I could help as it was just in my lifestyle.  I turned into a student that didn't care about school and eventually turned into a person that just flat out disliked life in general. 

Until I met some of the most positive people I can ever know. Julee & Glen. Yeah you! They showed me love. Love with no boundaries. They didn't care the way I looked or dressed or what sort of music I liked to listen to. They cared for me because of the person I was and saw only the good. Something my own parents at the time could not even do for me. And so I slowly became a better person. I finished school and focus on work and learned a heap of things that now have helped me be where I am. 

My father had many misfortunate things occur and I understand. I was right next to him every step of the way and so I have a hard time criticizing his negative ora somethings. Still to this day he has a tendency to drift toward all that ugly stuff. I try to be his positive light :) Just like I had when I needed it, I try to be there when he needs it. 

There is one thing I know for sure and it's that we chose how to live our lives. To bring up my kids with the up most positive way is all I want in this life. For them to step foot out in the world with their wings spread wide open and conquer whatever may come their way knowing that a positive way is a strong-willed way. 

But then what do I know :) 



  1. dang girl! you got us both crying out here! :) We're so proud of you every single day. You are a light and your family, friends, the whole east coast and for sure us, are all better people for having you in our life. We feel blessed beyond measure and so proud of the person you are. Big love!

  2. p.s. baby -- you have wisdom beyond your years and there is one of the gifts in a rough up bringing. It is our joy watching you and Tea unfold into the young women you are becoming.

  3. Thanks Julee & Glen. You two didn't just teach me how to bag bread but also shaped me into the person I am today. I am constantly thankful for that, every single day and every time I look at Sebastian :) Love you both!

  4. Anita, Without a doubt you were one of the most precious little girls that I have ever been around. As a child you were insightful and full of joy. I enjoyed the time I shared in your life immensly!!! It is no great surprise to me that you possessed the inner strength to became a strong giving young woman. insightful and full of joy.