Wednesday, July 06, 2011

on my summer reading...

Summer is for reading! By the pool. At work. On the toilet. Listen..I know you all do it! I love reading. After finishing The Discovery of Witches I was unsure what to start reading and so I was on the hunt for my list of books to stick too. Lately I've been on a fantasy craze. Usually I jump back and forth from different genres but for some reason there are so many magical books out there that have be humming with excitement. I try my best to focus on my list but you never know when a fun book will be recommended or you happen to stumble across something that you cannot say no too. But none the less it's summer and this is my list...

This is most likely my next read! Jacob, a sixteen-year-old boy adventures to a remote island to the ruins of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children to discover many secret along the way. SO MANY questions. Why is Jacob there? Peculiar children? A home for children on a remote island? Hmmmm!

My lovely MIL turned me on to this book. It was featured in one of our local papers saying that it's "a lovely fairy tale for all ages". It is said to be somewhat predictable yet with the way the book is written it's designed to become a classic. Rakhee, a young lady is about to receive her masters at Yale University and found herself newly engaged and can't move forward in the future until she faces some demons of the past. In order to do so she must go to India. A little mystery and a little magic. Sounds good to me! 

Can't wait for this! Kelsey is a girl that never thought she'd be spending her summer break trying to break a 300-year-old Indian curse with a mysterious white tiger named Ren. So yeah, obviously this is will be an epic romance fantasy novel(s) since the second book Tiger's Quest is out too! 

This book is from my last summer list that never got read, one that got pushed to the side. I am very determined to read this million page book :)

What are you reading this summer?!

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  1. The girl that does my hair is huge on the Tigers Curse books. I've been wanting to read them and anxious to see what you think. Sounds like a great summer book line-up!