Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on an IEP...

Tomorrow I have a day off from work. Hurray! Both Bobby and I (and we are dragging my mother in law with us) to Sebastian's IEP meeting. Individual Education Plan. Sebastian has about a 30% speech delay and has been doing speech therapy since last September. He's made lots of progress and he is using lots of words and phrases but is still not at what the average three year old should be at. So alas his three year old birthday is two weeks away (shaking my head in disbelief) and we are changing over to a new set of therapists and a whole new organization.

It's a little hectic when changing over to a new organization with having to get another new evaluation done and eventually all new therapist. When really Sebastian has grown to love his speech therapist so much in the last year. It's going to be hard having her go. Tomorrow the meeting will be all about him. They we let us know what he will qualify for and more specifically they will tell us how many hours a week he will be eligible for.

I am very passionate about Sebastian. Obviously! But really I want him to have all the resources that he can to make sure he is going to be on the same page when he starts Kindergarden. That is our goal and in the couple years that we have we will be having him receive all that and more. Not only will he be getting help with speech but at the same time he will be strengthening his academics. I'm overjoyed with the thought of him having this lovely stimulation since age two and that his little boy brain has just been sponging all of it up. What kid's get that sort of thing now a days?!

Sebastian's Mom-Mom has been a tremendous help with everything since we started up with helping Sebastian strengthen his speech. She works with disabled kids on an everyday bases. Not only that but she has lots of connections and people to go to when we have questions. I am thankful to have her because going into this was, not going to lie, a little scary. When being a first time parent and new to just about everything you are learning every step of the way. So when it came time to realize that indeed there is some sort of developmental delay you worry. Once I knew I had someone that had our backs that was there every step of the way with us, there was a wash of relief! I can say that not many people have that! Hence us dragging her to this meeting tomorrow :) She is a warrior and loves Sebastian so much. We are blessed!

I get utterly weepy when it comes to talking about all this. I know I'm such a sap. Like as I'm writing this my throat gets all swollen and eyes get all teary. Ugghh. But that's what parenthood has brought me. I've never had such a fierce energy towards someone as I do to Sebastian. And of course that's how it should be. But I can't help it if I'm thinking that I'd go around the whole world twice if I have to make it all good for him. It's a beautiful thing being a mother. And if making everything good for him consists of us changing lifestyle or our everyday it will happen because for me being happy is knowing he is.

Ps. Did I mention he is turning three years old in less than two weeks! He better still cuddle with and give me kisses or I don't know what I'll do :D



  1. with the love that surrounds sebastian i know he will have the best. i am amazed about his progress in the last year and know it will only keep going with you and bobby behind him. truly can't wait until i fully understand him cause i know some great stories are coming out of his mouth. also you cannot have a better advocate then lori.
    love aunt cheryl

  2. just plain ole proud of you like always and thankful for Lori. How fortunate to have such great resources for that amazing three year old! Three! And how great to have so many people around who love him.