Thursday, July 21, 2011

on a day off...

Today went great. I was nervous, just because I was. But really there was nothing to be nervous about. It went awesome. I not only left that meeting knowing that Sebastian seriously has a super human team on his side to help fight his battles but also felt so proud to be in a world that has such resources out there for people like us that want our child to succeed in life! Love it! I am very much excited for the near future. Looks like Sebastian will be starting a preschool program on Tuesday and Thursdays :) He will be my little school boy! I can hardly believe it. Sebastian will be picked up by a BUS and dropped off home by a BUS. My little boy is going to be riding a bus. I'm do-a-little-jig happy. But then scared all at the same time. Normal? Probably not, but I never said I was. So, everything is looking up. We will be doing that special program for him and also will be looking into starting Sebastian in another program on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at a typical preschool setting. That way he will be able to model and learn from his typical peers as well as getting his services to enhance all his abilities.
Thanks for all the support guys. Sebastian is a very loved boy and I am a very happy momma :)

After our meeting we then grabbed tickets to a fun surprise that we have in store for Sebastian's birthday present (not telling) and then headed right back to the in law's house to take a dip in the pool. Yes, again. Are you kidding? It's been in the 90's all week and going to be 101 degrees tomorrow. The pool is where to be. Here are some pictures to prove to you on just how hot it is.
Mom-Mom and the boys lounging!
Even Lilly Bean took a dip :) 
I put a nice dent in my's getting good!
We ordered from Primo Hoagies, a very popular hoagie shop around these parts. We got one Italian and the men ate roast beef. Perfect day for a sandwich. 
Big news with these shot of Sebastian! He is making huge strides with his swimming...WITHOUT his floatie. He can hold his breathe and swim under the water and doggie paddle. It's the cutest thing and so brave. He was being a goof today and purposely falling off the steps backwards and going under.
My favorite out of the whole bunch of photos. Ha. That face is too darn cute. Well, if your here in Philly or other parts that are hot, hot, hot keep cool. I know, I know but just try. And if your not. Well, lucky you :-p

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