Tuesday, July 26, 2011

on a birthday wishlist...

Sebastian birthday is Friday :) I have off and so does Bobby. We don't have major plans for the day mainly just chill out with our three year old! Mean while prepare for a nice casual dinner with the family at our place. We haven't had people over at our little apartment since forever and I totally think Sebastian is going to have a cow when he realizes that people are coming over to see him. I will be cooking up a light dinner with a couple fun new things on the menu as well as attempting to make Sebastian's birthday cake (fondant 'n' all!). This is sort of scary for me but Bobby is on stand by and we have a back up plan. None the less, I think I can! It will be a nice day. And Sebastian still doesn't have a clue as to what we have in store for him on Saturday. Cannot wait tell his tiny man eyes see. Eeeep! Any who, now that we are closing in on one birthday another will be here lickety-split. MINE. 
Here is what I'm wishing for this year...
1// TOMS canvas slip on shoes in gray. Been eyeing up these bad boys. 

2// This book

3// Fujifilm Instax Mini. This has been on my list many times (christmas & birthday). I would love to start a wall full of instax! 

4// This new lens for my camera. I haven't bought any other lenses for my camera and I think it's time. This lens is said to be a must have. Great for everyday use. Something I'd love to add to my camera bag. 

5// It was love at first sight when I peeped at this cute jewelry box

6// This amazing Nesting Doll lunch box from Modcloth. I get all swoony when I go browse Modcloth. It's addicting. I want pretty much everything. 

7// Another accessory to my camera. This remote for my gem will help me take pictures in front of the camera. That would be real nice :) 

8// This Daylight Afterglow Stripped Maxi Dress from Ruche. It's darling. You've got to check out the summer lookbook. I seriously think it all is genius. 

9// Last but not least, this happy grape tea press. I am in love with David's Tea. Well, I haven't tried it yet but all the loose leaf tea sound so delicious. I want to try all of these 1, 2, & 3

Annnnd did I mention I'll be 23...oh god. 

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  1. I LOVE our 50mm lens! It's practically my baby! :) I've also had my eyes on the Fujifilm Instax Mini for a while now!