Sunday, July 31, 2011

on a birthday shindig part 2...

After dinner we piled into our small little living room and Sebastian opened his presents. He was a very excited boy when he saw his pile of gifts.
Sebastian got a tons of fun gifts. He was one lucky boy this year.
3D Viewer, Guitar, new Spiderman books, Binoculars, H & M clothes, shiny new Cowboy Boots, the coolest Ironman Mask ever! and a great toy organizer (not pictured). And yes, my son wore this undies the whole night. He refused to get dressed.
We sang happy birthday to my boy and devoured a Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Cake since mine earlier was a complete fail! I will tell you more of those adventures when I feel like telling the shameful story. Wegman's cakes are the best anyways and it was fine in the end, thanks mother in law for saving the day. After cake the night pretty much conclude and boy did we know it when Sebastian started shooing everyone out the door. No, I'm serious. Ask any one in the family, he literally pushed everyone out the door. I could almost hear him saying You gave me my gifts now you can leave! 
I drove Ashley home, who lives like 10 minutes from our place and by the time I got home this is what I found...
A very tuckered out 3 year old boy :) 
Happy Birthday to my sweet little man. Love him to death!



  1. He surly had the spotlight, and LOVED it!
    Check out his smile before he blows out the candles.

  2. omg i love the last picture of him in the bed. i guess he was seriously tired when he kicked us out. i don't blame him! i had a great time. thanks for inviting me.

    Aunt Cheryl

  3. oh and how about you being able to carry a cake without it sliding off. hmm unlike some people, lol