Sunday, July 31, 2011

on a birthday shindig part 1...

Well friends, Friday was the BIG day. Sebastian turned 3 years old! The day is over and yet I still cannot believe it. I have a 3 year old child. It truly is an amazing thing. It's really hard to explain, if you are a parent you might understand but it is such a joy to see your child another year older. All the things he has seen, done and learned are so precious to me I can hardly stand it. I looked at him today and couldn't help be proud of everything that he has achieved, in his speech and overall as this little person! I love him with all my might and wanted this weekend to be a special one for him. So, here it is, Sebastian 3rd Birthday...
The day started out with my boys going out in the morning for some shopping at Target. And Sebastian came back with these treasures. I had a feeling :) Sebastian posed them on our coffee table and insisted that I took pictures. From left to right meet: Thor, Ironman, Captain America.

While they were out I was able to get lots done.
I made yummy glazed donuts colored red & blue (err teal). 
One of the new recipes that I tried out, Fried Pickles!! I'll share all recipes soon. After prepping and doing some last minute cleaning it was time just to wait for our guests. My menu for the night consisted of Caprese Paninis (mozzarella, tomato, basil & vinaigrette) & Chicken Cobb Paninis (chicken, avocado, cheddar & bacon), Portabella Mushroom & Asparagus Penne Pasta and Fried Pickles! I had a great set up, as people arrive around 6pm I took their order and started making their panini. 
My friend, Ashley who I also work with was first up and customized her panini-- Chicken Caprese Panini. 
Aunt Cheryl had a Cobb Panini with out the chicken.
Brittany had a Caprese Panini. 
And I made myself a Chicken Cobb as well. 
Fried Pickles were a hit! Definitely will do this again.

Dinner was great. I really loved doing paninis and having people have the chance to chose what they would like to eat and also able to customize it to their liking. I loved having people arrive and making up their panini as they came in. I got a chance to visit with everyone in the mean time. On such a hot day and even in the summer here it can get to be way too hot in our place so keeping my side dishes to cool & easy recipes was the best route for me. The portabella & asparagus penne pasta was served cool and the pickles were fried up in about 5 minutes! Love easy and fun foods. 


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