Sunday, July 31, 2011

on a birthday shindig part 1...

Well friends, Friday was the BIG day. Sebastian turned 3 years old! The day is over and yet I still cannot believe it. I have a 3 year old child. It truly is an amazing thing. It's really hard to explain, if you are a parent you might understand but it is such a joy to see your child another year older. All the things he has seen, done and learned are so precious to me I can hardly stand it. I looked at him today and couldn't help be proud of everything that he has achieved, in his speech and overall as this little person! I love him with all my might and wanted this weekend to be a special one for him. So, here it is, Sebastian 3rd Birthday...
The day started out with my boys going out in the morning for some shopping at Target. And Sebastian came back with these treasures. I had a feeling :) Sebastian posed them on our coffee table and insisted that I took pictures. From left to right meet: Thor, Ironman, Captain America.

While they were out I was able to get lots done.
I made yummy glazed donuts colored red & blue (err teal). 
One of the new recipes that I tried out, Fried Pickles!! I'll share all recipes soon. After prepping and doing some last minute cleaning it was time just to wait for our guests. My menu for the night consisted of Caprese Paninis (mozzarella, tomato, basil & vinaigrette) & Chicken Cobb Paninis (chicken, avocado, cheddar & bacon), Portabella Mushroom & Asparagus Penne Pasta and Fried Pickles! I had a great set up, as people arrive around 6pm I took their order and started making their panini. 
My friend, Ashley who I also work with was first up and customized her panini-- Chicken Caprese Panini. 
Aunt Cheryl had a Cobb Panini with out the chicken.
Brittany had a Caprese Panini. 
And I made myself a Chicken Cobb as well. 
Fried Pickles were a hit! Definitely will do this again.

Dinner was great. I really loved doing paninis and having people have the chance to chose what they would like to eat and also able to customize it to their liking. I loved having people arrive and making up their panini as they came in. I got a chance to visit with everyone in the mean time. On such a hot day and even in the summer here it can get to be way too hot in our place so keeping my side dishes to cool & easy recipes was the best route for me. The portabella & asparagus penne pasta was served cool and the pickles were fried up in about 5 minutes! Love easy and fun foods. 


on a birthday shindig part 2...

After dinner we piled into our small little living room and Sebastian opened his presents. He was a very excited boy when he saw his pile of gifts.
Sebastian got a tons of fun gifts. He was one lucky boy this year.
3D Viewer, Guitar, new Spiderman books, Binoculars, H & M clothes, shiny new Cowboy Boots, the coolest Ironman Mask ever! and a great toy organizer (not pictured). And yes, my son wore this undies the whole night. He refused to get dressed.
We sang happy birthday to my boy and devoured a Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Cake since mine earlier was a complete fail! I will tell you more of those adventures when I feel like telling the shameful story. Wegman's cakes are the best anyways and it was fine in the end, thanks mother in law for saving the day. After cake the night pretty much conclude and boy did we know it when Sebastian started shooing everyone out the door. No, I'm serious. Ask any one in the family, he literally pushed everyone out the door. I could almost hear him saying You gave me my gifts now you can leave! 
I drove Ashley home, who lives like 10 minutes from our place and by the time I got home this is what I found...
A very tuckered out 3 year old boy :) 
Happy Birthday to my sweet little man. Love him to death!


on birthday shindig part 3...

Well, part 3 is Sebastian big birthday surprise from us-- (sorry for the three part post's but I couldn't part with all the pictures and I didn't want your computers all crashing from trying to load all of them. Hence all my posts. But didn't think you'd mind) Sebastian's birthday surprise was yesterday and we took him to DORNEY PARK & WILDWATER KINGDOM! Hurrah! It was lots of fun. Hot day and not too overwhelmingly crowded. Just a lovely day to spend as a family. Sebastian has never been and both Bobby and I have only gone once, way before we had Sebastian. We got there a little pass 11am and the parking lot was already full. We had to hike a little but once we were in it was straight to the water for us!
Towards Wildwater Kingdom we walked right under Talon, one of the huge roller coasters. He's reaction was woooooooowww cooool! And then pointed eagerly to take him on it. I had to explain that he was a little too small for this one. This shows that my son has no fear!
The wave pool was up first. Mainly because it was the closest to us and we desperately needed to get into the water to cool us down. 

And from the wave pool Sebastian spotted the people on Talon screaming and pointed to them and said Oohhhhh Nooooo!
Next up we headed to Water Works which was a huge water maze. Water squirting out everywhere. A great place to get wet and also to get other wet. You'll see what I mean...
As Bobby was talking to me from up top on this big structure someone up above him soaked the boys with a bucket of water! And I got it right on camera :) It was hilarious, they didn't know what hit them! Such a funny moment in our day. 
Wildwater Kingdom has so many great areas for Sebastian's age group. Since he is only three he couldn't really go on any of the water slides because of height regulations and also he just doesn't have the patience to stand and wait his turn. Heck, we had to coach him on standing in line at this slide because he kept scooting himself up towards the front! Eventually he worked the line of kids so they knew that when he was coming to move aside and let this huge badass three year old boy through. I couldn't believe how he parted the line of kids!
After sometime we dragged Sebastian out of the water (kicking and screaming) for lunch. He sat in his stroller while Bobby stood in line for food. Even though Sebastian is three and has been walking since forever and truly is very capable of walking around with us I get so nervous in crowded place like this one that I can't go with out my stroller. When ever we walked from one park to another we plopped him and zig-zagged through the people. It's just safer and less stressful because you know that in two seconds this boy would disappear on foot. Not happening on my watch! Plus when he isn't inside the stroller we pile all our towels and bags on top. Defiantly will be sad to see the day when he is too big to sit in there and will be forced to not bring it along to places like Dorney.  Or I can be one of those parents who sits their five year old in a stroller...Hmmmm.
We bought his ridiculously huge cup. They had this "deal" that if you bought this cup for $12.99 you get refill on soda for only $1.99 but then if you bought a wristband for another additional $5 you get unlimited refills. So we did. We gave in and bought it. But in the end you break even because after spending $18 dollars all together on the thing we refilled our cup a good 4 times. With the price of what a regular sized soda costs, because you know it's jacked up, we got more for the money. I was content with it. Plus Sebastian looked cute drinking iced tea out of it :) 
Lollipop Lagoon was where we stayed the majority of our time. There was water with slides, mushrooms with water cascading down off them and was just perfect for us to sit back and watch him play with out worries. It was a parents dream! Sebastian could play with us not having to be right behind him. The water was up to his waist and not too deep. Two thumbs up on this area. Plus not to forget that all the water areas were clean! That is very important to me, I won't go to a place again if it looks dirty. 
After six we left the water kingdom for good to head over to the dry ride. As we set out on foot Sebastian passed out in his stroller and took a nap. Bobby and I took advantage and changed our clothes and then just walked & sat around. Relaxed! It was nice. We found a great bench to spread out on inside Planet Snoopy which is the newest attraction inside the park and is full of rides that are kid oriented. 
After about an hour we woke up this sleepy head who actually most likely would of slept another hour but we didn't want him to miss out on all the fun stuff. 
After some ride we snacked on some Funnel Cake. We can never pass up on some good Funnel Cake with extra powdered sugar ;)
On our way out of the water Sebastian eyed up a spaceman gun. Boy did I regret that after sitting in the car for an hour home hearing the thing go off. It was lovely. Not. 
Walking to the car we saw this. It was stunning. 
Our day was the best. I love my three year old boy. A boy full of life and laughter. Who is always ready to make you smile. Who makes a mess in my living room faster than probably any other kid out there. Who makes me love life and everything it has to offer because I know that he is in it. Who keeps me on my toes. Who is the light in my life. And in the end I know that all the stars in the dark sky are shinning for him.