Sunday, June 12, 2011

on Zach's graduation...

Today was this fine young man's graduation-family-dinner-shindig. We all gathered at a very lovely authentic Italian restaurant down in South Philly to celebrate, called Poppi's. Here are a few photos of our night...
Nothing better than the family together, laughing with kids running around. Eating great food and just making memories. 
Zach's off to Temple University--Hence this little pose here. 
I visited this short stack down at the other end of the table often. She always greeted me with a giggle.
And so did Sebastian :) 
Bobby managed to ruin a really great photo! I mean, come on. I look bomb in this picture and he just had to make an absurd face. Ggrrrrrr!
Then I guess he made up for this one. Sort of. 
All in all, it was another beautiful night shared with some beautiful people. 
Congrats to Zach :) Life starts now buddy, live it up!
Another graduation party to follow since Nicole just graduated too! 


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  1. thanks so much for coming and for taking the great pictures. have to say i was confused about brit and zach's pose with the cake when i first saw it.