Thursday, June 02, 2011

on who I am...

I am..

...proud to have acquired this lovely summer dress from my little sissy! We usually steal give each other at least one piece of clothing whenever we see one another. Like a trade. It's cute. excited to finally be a wife. Everyone has been asking me if it feels any different. And all I can say to them is it feels great! I am truly blessed to be married to my Mr.

...getting back into the swing of things. Although I did experience a slight hiccup this morning. Dufus me locked my keys inside the house. Then my phone decided to not turn on for me this morning. There I was with Sebastian in my arms outside with no phone and no idea what to do. Well, I needed a phone to call Bobby so I headed over to my elderly neighbors house and knocked. I instantly became super embarrassed because as soon as I started knocking Bill (our neighbor) walks out of a room sporting some very white tighty whites. Oh god. I thought I was going to die! Mind you Bill is in his late 70's (bless him) and had really no idea I was standing there...I managed to knock one more time, harder and caught his attention. He saw both Sebastian and I standing there and had the biggest smile on his face. I don't think he realized he was in his underwear at that point. Right before opening the door he told me he'll be right back. And so he did but this time he was fully clothed. I asked to use his phone and told him what happened and he let us right in. First thing he asked after handing me the phone was if I'd like cup of tea:) Love it! I declined though, because we know I don't want hot tea spilling all over me with the way my morning was going. Long story short, sort of, I got a hold of Bobby. He came home. I got my keys and rushed to work. I was lucky that Bobby worked last night and was already on his way home. And even luckier that my boss Dave was scheduled to be in at work this morning. And even even more lucky that Dave is a cool guy and was understanding. He said he was worried I got in an accident! That's my stories for you today. Did you like?!? I'm actually full of stories lately, I'll be sharing another very soon. Wait tell you hear this one! 

...loving my blonde hair. Get comments on it all the time. I apparently can rock this hair color, that's what their telling me. Go me! 

...overwhelmed with the crazy random acts of kindness that has been fallen upon me. Yesterday one of my regular lady customers handed me a $10 tip. I at first refused it because I just couldn't except. But she was very adamant and so I gave in. How generous is that? I couldn't get over it all day. Then today the lady who comes in weekly to water and take care of all the plants and flowers, Joan, inside my mall gave me a lovely plant/flower thingy. It's pink and tall and called a bromeliad plant. And perfect timing because I have been telling myself that my flower pots need to be filled and soon!! Totally perfect.

...ready for some changes.

...thrilled about Bobby's birthday on Wednesday :) He is turning 27! I tease him about being old all the time. Well, older than me :D But then again most people are older than me. Ha. Sunday I am hosting a fun little shindig at Mom & Dad's place. Grilling up some homemade pizza's picked out by Bobby himself. Should be very yummy. More to report on Sunday though! (by the way, he is going to faint when he finally gets to see what I got him for his birthday! Hooray!)

...attempting to be a little more social. It's ridiculous how much of a homebody I am!

...sad that all my favorite shows are over :( Like depressed. Like I feel like there is a whole in my soul. Like I know I am a geek but deal with it. Anyone know of any good shows to watch this summer?? And don't say True Blood because, trust me, I already have that marked on my calendar!!


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  1. I totally understand the home body thing!! its super hard to be social especially when you work a lot and you aren't a drinker! Most nights id rather snuggle up with my cats.