Monday, June 20, 2011

on some summer goals...

(yes! that is my lovely wedding bouquet :)
Summer is finally here. It has been beautiful ever since we've been back from Seattle. Sunshine all the time with a few summer storms in the evening. Although I can do without the humidity I am as happy as a clam. Why are clams happy? Hmmm. Not sure if I like that saying anymore...Any who, life is back to normal yet there are tons of things I would like to get done in the summer months that in turn were put on hold because of the crazy wedding planning! 
For starters, one of the most important things that is going to be on this list is frame wedding photos plus photos that have not yet been framed. We've gotten some very lovely frames from family members that I want to use up which is perfect. But then I also have some professional photos of Sebastian that I've neglected to put on the wall. I've got to do it!
I'd like to clean, rearrange & organize my little nook. I've mentioned this awhile back but I do not know what I was thinking! No way was I getting that done with a wedding on my hands. But that has passed--pheww! And now this project has got to get done so I can use my space. 
Sewing! I want to use my practically new sewing machine. Once my nook is done then it's time get cracking on some sewing. I already have a few ideas and Bobby's sister Britt  gave me a pretty romper to covert into a shirt project. Lots of ideas are in my head and hoping to finally knock them out. 
Our bedroom needs some serious loving. Another important to-do! It's looking quite sad actually. Our Ikea dressers are mangled up and we are in the market for some new ones, well used but decent looking ones. I've made a pledge I'm not going to buy any new furniture until I'm done having kids and they are old enough to understand that if they spill something on my couch that I'll kick them out of my house...just kidding. Or am I? Mhmmm. So, people out there that love me, I'm looking for some dressers. Thanks.
Read, read and read some more! This is always on my summer goals list. I don't know why when my goal is to read year round but I think it's because when I was still in school I would always try to read as many books before school started. Books that I wanted to read, before the teachers got to dictate what was to be read. Many books on my book list. Share those soon with you. 
Hair extensions. Woohoo! This is more of a fun goal but I've wanted to do it for a while and told myself this summer is the time it have to happen. Hoping it does because I always want to try the whole long hair thing. So, we will see if that pans out like I'd like it too. Cross your fingers for a long mane of hair :) 

What are your goals this summer?


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