Thursday, June 02, 2011

on some goodies...

My new toys :D
This lovie was one of my first gifts from our amazing Aunt Cheryl!
Julee got me such a fun cupcake recipe book that Sebastian and I will have a ball with plus the festive spatula. It's currently just sitting on my counter in my kitchen because I like looking at it so much :)

I couldn't believe my eyes. A PANINI maker! Jumping in glee. Tanya my best friend/maid of honor sent us this. How fun is that packaging it came it! MMmmmm, yummy mozzarella & tomato panini's. Mouth.Is.Watering.

Pyrex. Amazing. Donut pan. Unbelievable. I've been needing this great donut pan every since I saw the lovely donuts Kaylah made on her blog The Dainty Squid. And now I can make them here in my kitchen. Oh dear lord I'm in trouble. Thanks Diana :D

Last but not least...
..Drum roll please..
My shiny green apple Kitchen Aid. 
I am in love. 
I heart my daddy with everything I got.

Gahhhh. Get ready for this blog to blow up with delicious things. Because let me tell you, I have every tool to make anything my heart desires.
Thank you to each and everyone of you. I am blessed to have all of you :)

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