Thursday, June 30, 2011

on Nicole's graduation party...

This girl graduated High School. We had a party for her. She got spoiled. What's new ;) I did a little photo shoot with her and naturally she is gorgeous. Check out those shoes and her new tattoo. Yes, she is an ice skater. 

Let's start out with the appetizers. 
 I know, quite a line up! First off, Mom made an exquisite cheese tray. Top of the line :) It was beautiful and so yummy. Then we have the meat tray--salami & sausages to go with the cheeses. Next, grilled zucchini rolls. This was a new recipe Mom tried out and it was pretty good. But next time we are going to try tweaking it. Cannot forget the bruschetta! Then my favorite I think out of the whole lot, the one thing that was calling my name every time I entered the kitchen was the spinach dip. Regular 'ol spinach dip but it was so tasty with the pieces of sourdough bread. I think I filled up on that! Aunt Cheryl made awesome feta & artichoke wraps that we threw on the grill and also very festive alcoholic fruit punch that I think was the main source of consumption ;) I wasn't able to dip my cup in that big bowl. Driver here with a toddler in the back plus that was the start of that rotten migraine so I was better off. Next time dear fruit punch with floating fruit. You. Are. Mine! Last but not least tiny mozzarella balls wrapped up with prosciutto. Phenomenal. And that was all our appetizers. Can you tell we are foodies??!
We all milled around and visited. Boys did their crazy stunts in the pool and had some fun with sliding as well. Really, just old fashioned family fun!
Dinner line-up was pretty grand as well. 
Chicken Piccata with Mom's own personal touch. Meatballs in red sauce for meatball sandwiches. Tortellinis (not pictured). Green beans. Tomato salad. And of course deviled eggs!!! FOOOOOD GALORE :D

Dessert. It's hard to think we all had room isn't it?!
My fruit trifle up first :) This was the first time I've make something like this and I got positive reviews so I was happy. Aunt Janice made Cheesecake Brownies. To. Die. For. And then of course Nicole's Congrats Cake. It was vanilla with a layer of raspberry marmalade in the middle. Yellow & green were Nicole's school colors. I thought I'd throw that out there haha. 
There. I bet you feel like you were part of our family shenanigans with my huge dump...of photos. Ha you thought I was going to just say dump. Got you! Please, I already know I am a nerd--no need to remind me.


  1. What a fun feast! Wish we had been there too. Tell Nicole congrats from me and Glen and Tea. How did you get the ice cubes so blue in that gorgeous punch? I'm loving how pretty that was. And you, of course. :D

  2. great pictures anita. love the action shots of the boys and the slide. you will definitely have bring your designated driver next time we do the punch.
    Aunt cheryl

  3. Julee-- nothing special was done to the ice cubes! I guess they just stood out with all the colors in the bowl :) It was pretty neat looking!