Friday, June 24, 2011

on my Friday night...

Out there tonight millions of people are doing wonderfully thrilling things on their Friday night. Out dancing. Out drinking. Seeing a movie. Having dinner at a fancy restaurant. At a party. Not me. No way. I'm here next to that boy. Yep. Him.
All day all I could think of is picking up Sebastian. Some days are agony and the anticipation of waiting for the time I can get in my car to pick him up at school and see my little boys smiling face as I walk towards him is one of the greatest things to me. It's amazing how much those feelings change when you become a parent. No longer am I excited for whatever I used to be excited for after I got off work, because hell I don't even remember those days anymore, but now I just can't wait to do motherly things. Tonight we ordered a pizza and I found myself eating one slice and then getting full on Sebastian's pizza crust or as I like to call them "pizza bones". Just as my father used to do with me. Or when it's time for a bath and I make up this ridiculous song and bellow it out TAKE YOUR UNDIES OFF, PULL 'EM DOWN PULL 'EM DOWN! TAKE YOUR UNDIES OFF, PULL 'EM DOWN PULL 'EM DOWN :) Just to get him to giggle and, yes to get him to pull his undies off by himself. And then in the bath he insists on flooding the bathroom by splashing like a maniac after I've told him a million times not too but still he does it while looking into my eyes with a devils sneer. Um, yeah he's like that. One of the moms at daycare came up to me and said saw Sebastian today, he is HUGE!. I was like yeah, what's new... Tonight we are going to cuddle on the couch with lots of blankets, eat really unhealthy popcorn and watch Gnomio & Juliet together.
And that's what an ideal Friday looks like for this lady here. It makes me happy!


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