Sunday, June 19, 2011

on my father...

Fathers. What would we do without them?
My father and I, as you can tell, are super close. I wouldn't have it any other way. When I was younger I always loved going to work with my dad. He was hard on me. Harder on me than any of his other kids, the two girls in Hungary and Michelle. But really in the end I am thankful for that. He raised me up with old fashion morals and etiquette. No elbows on the dinner table. Back straight. Eat everything that's on my plate. Please & Thank you. Never say "what" but pardon (this mostly used in Hungarian).
I was like the boy he never had. I worked with him. Helped with jobs around the house. In the winter I helped cut wood and haul it down to the house. We went "wild camping", we'd just find a spot, pitch a tent and fished on the shore. He taught me to put a worm on the hook, cast my line and eat sunflower seed while watching for a bite.
He is always there for me. He knows me better than most people. Even over the phone he can tell if I'm sad, mad, happy or tired. He just knows.
Best of all I don't need to be a doctor or a lawyer for him to be proud of me. He is proud of me everyday for being the mother & wife that I am. And that is why I love him :) He is the most selfless person I know. He's worked all his life for the better of his family. And I just don't know what I would do without him.
Happy Father's Day Apuci :) 


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