Wednesday, June 08, 2011

on his birthday...

That's my birthday man! This morning I woke up like any old weekday and headed to work. However, I secretively didn't have work. I plotted against Bobby and surprised him. Bobby went about his morning and little did he know when the door bell rang that I was hiding out of sight. He came down, opened the door and I jumped out yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I basically scared the bejeezus out of him but it caught him off guard and I was a happy camper. 

I plopped his gift in his lap and was eager for him to open it. Sebastian and I got the best daddy & husband ever the brand new Ipad 2 :) He had the biggest smile I've ever seen and made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Love seeing that.

I didn't make big plans for the day being that it was 100 degrees outside, there was little I could think of to do that would be fun & for us not to deep fry. So, we grabbed our bathing suits and headed for the family pool. Perfect for a day like today! Sebastian loves the pool. I on the other hand have to be in the mood to take a dip in the pool and today was perfect for a soak. 

 The last two photos make me laugh. 

Bobby's been playing around with his gem. The very first app he downloaded was some sort of game called "Contract Killer". Ha. Men will be well, men! Another birthday came and went and many more to come. It was kind of nice looking for a birthday card this time around...a husband card :) 


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  1. ha, love the last pictures also. give me a Popsicle or i'll shoot.
    Aunt Cheryl