Sunday, June 19, 2011

on Father's Day...

This morning I was up early cooking up some yummy breakfast for the best daddy in the world, my husband. Not to knock all the dad's out there but my mister is a pretty darn great dad. Always has his family in mind and loves to wrestle with his little boy. Oh by the way, forgot to tell you yesterday but I was wrestle with Sebastian yesterday and the boy gave me a bloody nose! Ummm cheeyaah. He elbowed me in the nose and out came the blood. Of course it was an accident but I think from now on momma is going to do the cuddling and dadda will handle the rough housing. Thank you very much!
Back to breakfast...Eggs benedict :) Ever since that one morning at Salish when we had amazing eggs benedict I've been meaning to make a plate of my own and today was the day. Since I've never really made it naturally I was a little nervous. But Bobby gave it two thumbs up! Sure it wasn't five start but it was anny-star and made with a whole lotta love.
After breakfast we patch our selves up and headed to mom and dad's house. The day was pretty busy for the family. Mom had a surprise party to go to, dad & Chris were pressure washing the fence around the house, and Kate & Cousin Dan had plans to see Dan's dad. So, we just hung out. Sebastian played in the pool and later took a nice two hour nap while I got some much needed reading, writing & wedding photo organizing done. It was so nice. Sebastian was happy to have his cousin to play with after nap and they spent most of their time goofy off in the pool. Those boys love the pool!
We had a simple BBQ with teriyaki chicken, burgers and hot dogs. I made a great shrimp & dill pasta with cucumbers, perfect summer salad. And then we had some strawberries filled with cream and chocolate filled raspberries for dessert. Everything was so yummy that I thought I was going to have to be rolled out of the backyard. 
After dinner the boys had some more fun in the pool.
 Love action shots :) I can sit by the pool and watch these two for hours. They are the best ever. Today was great. Hoping the week goes by fast so we can have another day just like this one :D

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and all the fathers out there.


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