Wednesday, June 15, 2011

on a car situation...

Remember when I told you a while back that I had a story to share with you? Well, I'm just going to jump right into it. On the Saturday that we were flying back home Bobby received a call from his brother, Chris. Chris was the one who was nice enough to watch over our place and keep our cat alive while we were in Seattle. He had called right when we were at our lay over in Phoenix saying that he just went to our place and my Volkswagen Golf was not parked on the side of the road. It just disappeared. 
We have four cars (I know, way too many!) two of which are allowed in the back lot and the others need to be parked out on side street parking in front of our place. And that is were we had left my little car. We started freaking out and of course thought of the worst thing and that was--it's stolen! But it wasn't. 
Chris investigated for us and found out that the street we live on was getting paved and because our car wasn't moved out of the way they towed it. 

On Saturday we arrived home super late and at that point we were beat and had no strength to do anything about it. However Sunday came around and Bobby called our local police station asking if they know where our car was, they told us a local auto repair shop towed it to their lot. They gave us the name and address and that was it. So, after we spent the day in the pool, on our way home we stopped at the shop and got our car. There wasn't anyone around the shop because I guess they were either closed since it was Sunday or just closed for the day. But we didn't think much of it because we were just glad to have our car back. It was important for us to get it back because right now Bobby has been doing work on his daily driver, our Volvo and so the VW is his back up car. 

Anyways, the week started and one evening my doorbell rang and I found a police officer at my front door. He said that we owe the auto shop $100 dollars for the towing of the car and that we shouldn't of just taken our car because the auto shop thought it was stolen! Can you believe this? I'm not through just yet. 
I was furious because how could we owe this auto shop money when we were gone two weeks and getting married of all things when we had no idea what so ever that there were any plans to pave our street. But all this frustration and furry did not make the cop see any differently. We owe the auto shop and that's final. 

Bobby and I were frantically calling everyone that we knew to see what we should do and get some advice. The main person who had the resources to help us was our Aunt Cheryl since she works with a lawyer. She gave us some advice and we tried to figure it out. I'll skip all the little details, but in the end I received papers in the mail late last week for a set court date and criminal charges!!! I couldn't believe it. Criminal charges for something that I really couldn't have prevented. Calling the cop that I talked to earlier in the week was no help at all. Pardon by choice of words but he was seriously a complete douchebag. He didn't or rather said he couldn't help us in any way. And so yesterday I was forced to go to the auto shop and hand over $100 of our hard earned money to people that majorly screwed us over. When I say I had to I mean I had too otherwise on the first of July I would have been fingerprinted. Absurd you say?! Sure is.

I really hate situations like this. It really drains me emotionally and physically. When there is absolutely nothing I can do and for something that truly is not my fault, for it to go the way it did really makes me mad. I get into my "I hate the world' mode and I don't like that one bit. I can't say that all of it is over because I don't think I like the idea of sitting back and letting these people (all parties included) to step all over us. I haven't decided one hundred percent if I want to really do something about it, we will see. 

Apparently this is the world we live in. Although it pains me to say not everyone is all good. There is negative all around us and even though I am still harboring negative feelings towards all this I've received way too many amazing blessings in my life to let this bring me down any further. 

It's done (sort of) and over with for now and life moves on. 


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  1. you guys were definitely wronged and I'm sorry that they took it to such an extreme. this is definitely in the you got screwed category. still can't believe it went this far. small towns and their power plays is all i can say.