Saturday, June 18, 2011

on a busy day...

Today started out with some cleaning. I don't know about you but even though cleaning is a total drag I love it in the end. The whole apartment smells fresh and everything is all neat and tidy! Gahhhh, I get giddy just thinking about it. My philosophy is to start cleaning early. Get it done with, so that the rest of my day is spent feeling amazingly good about all I got done. That is exactly what I did and I'm proud of myself :) Even more so since I had the courage to pull my sofa out, dig deep and get all the lost toys from under there, vacuum and swiffer. That's a once a month type of thing, but then again that doesn't always happen either. Most of the time I'm just plain scared to see what's living under there! 

Our other project that we've been working on even since before we left for Seattle is rearranging Sebastian's room. We ended up taking apart his crib all the way and constructing it into a full bed!! I know crazy right? You're probably thinking to yourself why in the heck does an almost three year old need a full bed?!?! Well, my almost three year old is the size of a four year old and the toddler size bed was just not cutting it. We started realizing that he would wake up in the middle of the night a lot more often and after a particular incident I saw that it was because he was rolling off the bed and waking himself up. So, since he's awake then why not come into mommy & daddy's bed...Hmmmm. He is huge! And he needs a huge bed! The crib that we have is super cool because it turned into a toddler bed that we've had up since he was about 18 months and then now it turns into a full bed. We only had to buy one part to be able to put the full bed together and that we just snagged off of Amazon for a really great price. Today we picked up the mattress and are just about set to go to put it all together. It will be bitter sweet. Sebastian's been in our bed since we've been home from Seattle. As much as I love cuddling with my little boy I don't love those stinky feet in my face or puncturing my kidneys. Bitter sweeeeet :) 

In honor of Father's Day tomorrow we are having a little family shindig at the in laws house. We practically live there especially in the summers. We just use them for their pool and BBQ grill :) I'm making a few goodies, show you soon. 

The best is ending an exhausting day on the couch with my husband by my side watching movies :) Here's something that I hope will make you smile!
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