Monday, June 06, 2011

on a birthday dinner...

After having George taken care of we got back to our birthday dinner shindig for Bobby. Since this real birthday (8th) falls on a Wednesday I thought it would be nice to celebrate with the family yesterday since we would be over to have family fun day anyways. I had decided early in the week that it would be yummy to grill some homemade pizza. Bobby did too! He picked out three pizzas. Vegetable Pizza, Ham & Tomato and Pizza alla Siciliana! I had really had a great time putting these together with the help of mom & aunt Cheryl. 
Ham & Cheese

 Pizza alla Siciliana

 Vegetable Pizza
Excuse the awkward picture of me. I really only posted this up to show case my pizzas along side me :) Honestly, I think I look drunk but I assure you I'm not!

Dinner was amazing. (Oh, meet Sean. Bobby's oldest friend ever) 
To work it off we played some badminton. Nicole and I totally kicked the boys butts!!
Sebastian and his cousin went out on an adventure to pick sticks for the bond fire. By the way, as you can tell Sebastian is walking around in his undies :) Very proud of him for going on the potty ALL weekend long :D My boy is growing up!
We sang Happy Birthday to Bobby and Sebastian help blow the candles out.
Bobby chose a lovely fruit topped cheese cake. My heart ached when I finally had to cut into it. It was so stunning I didn't want to disrupt it. 
And then a very rich Reese's Cup Pie. 
We sat by the fire, ate cake, drank coffee or tea and chit-chatted. 
The pool in the evening is my favorite. It is so magical.
S'mores! I think this was the highlight of both Bobby and my night. I was looking forward to this gem :D And boy was it good!

My hubby is turning 27 on Wednesday♥

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  1. You did great on those pizzas Anita! youwzaa! They looked like a total feast. Miss you!