Wednesday, May 25, 2011

on Sunday our last fun day...

I've been meaning to tell you all about our last day in Snoqualmie. It was very eventful and loads of fun! We woke up early in the morning and heading up the stairs to where the spa is located. During our wait for our spa appointments we were lead into the soaking baths. We decided not to soak before our treatment because first of all we didn't feel like being all wet when they take us in and secondly I was pretty much naked under my robe ;) Even so the room was very calming. 

After a short wait two massage therapist ladies came and took us to a dimly lit room with a crackling fire going and soft music. I was in love.
Our tables were side by side. The ladies said we could talk to each other as much as we wanted but both Bobby and I have never been so quiet. I was amazed. We had 50 minutes of full body massages. My favorite was when my hands were massaged, mainly because I use my hands all day when I work and getting them deeply massaged like that was heavenly. She even did some hot stones all over my body. All in all it was a great experience. 
Afterwards we got dressed and heading down to the Dinning Room to have breakfast. We were seated close to the windows with the view of the Falls. Beautiful. The breakfast menu was large and both Bobby and I went for the simplest out of it all . Bobby got an extreme Omelet with about everything in it, and I got Egg's Benedict. 
In the end I thought I was going to have to be rolled out of the restaurant! Also, they had the best tea ever. I cannot describe how delicious it was. Pear Caramel. It was such an interesting combo that I had to order it and it came out in a little pot with the loose leaf steaming inside. I recommended it to another couple sitting across from us, it was that good! 
Even though after that kind of breakfast I could of easily went back to our room to take a nice big 'ol nap but no way I had other plans. When we arrived on Friday one of the valet boys gave us a brochure full of hiking trails and raved about a few for us to try. We picked an intermediate trail-- Rattlesnake Ledge.
 Rattlesnake Ledge being a 4 mile hike round trip with a elevation gain of 1,100. Piece of cake. Hardly. We were huffin' and a puffin' and I think I must have asked half a dozen people coming down the trail if we were getting close to the top. A few I think even laughed in my face.
But WE MADE IT! And boy did it feel good :) Bobby was a little nervous with the height but I was having fun...
You see his nervous pose. I swear he was feeling he was going to fall off the cliff :) Ha! 
It pretty cold up there. 
This is my favorite picture that I took while sitting on the ledge.
It was a fun accomplishment and I like to think of it as the first one of us being husband and wife :) Aweeee cute!
We made a promise to each other that next time we will go to the very top which is another 10 miles on top of what we had already done! Next time it will be an all day thing and I'm already looking forward to it :D


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