Sunday, May 15, 2011

on sunday family fun day (Seattle Edition)...

Today was very relaxing. All three of us were a little out of whack with time change. Sebastian was up at 5am briefly. So was I...Then we woke up around 7am. Once we all were up and ready for the day we all took a trip to Trader Joe's to get some shopping done. It was our first real outing and it was nice. We stocked up on some very delicious Eggplant Hummus that we pretty much ate as soon as we got home with yummy sesame crackers and these amazing lovies...
These dumplings are so good. I seriously thought I could eat the whole plate. Especially with the chili sweet sauce. Yumm-o!

Later on Dad & Sebastian had a wrestle match on the couch while everyone was laughing and cheering on. Sebastian and my dad are so funny to watch and are ridiculous goofballs together!!

Dinner tonight courtesy of Xeni (step-mom) was pan seared salmon with parsley potato's. It was a feast. And while we waited we snacked on some shrimp with cocktail sauce. This is something my dad always manages to have for us when we are in for a visit. 

Tonight Dad & Xeni wanted Sebastian in their bed. All I could hear for a good twenty minutes was tons of giggling (most of it coming from Xeni!). But in the end he fell a sleep oh so cute next to my dad. We'll see how long it will last :D

Day two starts tomorrow. Only 5 days until the big day!!

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