Monday, May 23, 2011

on my bridal shower...

We're finally back to my dad's house after such a beautiful time and now that the big day is over I can share little glimpses of the past few days... 

Julee hosted a lovely little shower last Thursday with a group of gals that mean the most to me here in Seattle. They are the gang of girls that I worked with when I was younger at Great Harvest, the group that became a family to me. 
Julee & Tanya really out did themselves. Julee's house was decorated with lots of purple colored things. So much fun!

The main feature of the night was the purple mashed potatoes! Ha. I was cracking up when I laid eyes on this. SO perfect. And so hard to find. The girls told me that they had the hardest time finding it anywhere and after calling around finally found some down by Pike Place. Tanya scooting on down and picked up a bundle.
They were a hit and especially with the huge variety of cool toppings. I think I just about put all them on my mashed :) 
Julee tried a new recipe that she picked up from good 'ol Paula Deen. Yummy purple coleslaw. It was delcious. My favorite part of it was that it wasn't mayo based but instead the base was pepper jelly. How fun is that?!
All the girls got us some great gifts. Some gift cards to Amazon and Lisa got us a great sign to hang up at home reading "Happily Ever After". I cannot wait to display that lovie at home.
Bobby's mom & sisters got us a box full of engraved Champagne flutes for toasting and for all the guest to take home for mementos. 
Julee got me the coolest gift by far. Just so totally me! A GLEE paper weight :) You can tell by my face how excited I was after unwrapping this gem. Speaking of Glee...Season finale on Tuesday. Get ready Julee & Glen!
Once again thank you to Julee & Glen and all the girls for getting together and creating more lovely memories for me to remember for the rest of my days to come. 

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