Tuesday, May 17, 2011

on Seattle day #3...

Today Bobby and I woke up way before the sun rose to head down to Pike Place Market to meet Ashley & Ross our photographers. They wanted to squeeze an engagement shoot before the wedding and what better place than Pike Place :) It was so much fun. There are zillions of possibilities to explore there and we had the best time creating lovely photos.
After the shoot we were both super hungry! As we were walking back to the car to drop off our extra outfits that we changed out of for the shoot we spotted a cute little bistro. Bacco.
I got the Original Benedict &
Bobby got the Crab and Avocado Benedict :D

After our tummies were full we headed right over to the King County Court House. Yes, indeed. We picked up our marriage license. Eeeeeekkk!

 Lastly we took a trip to the Edmonds Ferry to hitch a ride. Sebastian was in love. Since my dad works for the ferry system he was always get to get vip passes on and even 1/2 price on the food in the store inside the ferry boat. Now if that isn't special then I don't know what is :D 

It has been such a busy day! But I wouldn't have it any other way. Tomorrow Bobby's family is flying in the afternoon. Can't wait to see them!!!
Only 4 days until the big day. 

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