Tuesday, May 17, 2011

on Seattle day #2...

On day two I woke up nice and early and started on some wonderful homemade waffles for everyone. My dad has a great waffle maker that works like magic. Everyone woke up to yummy steamy waffles with their choice of toppings :)

In the afternoon Bobby and I had a meeting with Lisa, who will be our minister at the wedding. I worked with Lisa at ,my first job, Great Harvest in Everett (well, was in Everett but now is closed) and who is now a licensed minister :) She is super cute and funny and will give our little special ceremony just the right feel! It was fun to drive through where I grew up Snohomish because we've yet to get down there since we've got here. It brought back so many memories and I saw so much that had changed over the years that some parts I couldn't even recognize. Lisa told us everything she has planned on saying and in what order. She even read over both our vows that each of us wrote to one another. Lisa said that she has not ever had a single man go through with writing their own vows :) So, I thought that was cool! My man is bomb :) In the end we left her house feeling just that much more excited for the big day knowing how great it was going to come together. I really am just so pleased with how well everything is fitting. Yay.

Once we got home this lovie was waiting for me...
It's my JoTote! I love it. It's my new camera bag. I adore it and it's never leaving my side!

That night we went out with Tanya-- my maid of honor and Matt-- Bobby's best man. We decided on starting at Boston's in Mill Creek and then shifted over to La Palmera & then lastly to Azuls. 
It was a really good time. I miss Tanya with everything I have and always have a great time with her. I can't wait to see what she has in store for my bachelorette party this Thursday!



  1. did you ever work at great harvest with a girl named Beth?

  2. Yep. I know Beth. That was our first job together :)