Monday, May 23, 2011

on Salish & Snoqualmie...

Salish sat proudly right on top of the falls. It was stunning inside and out. Once stepping in the front doors you were greeted by a lovely fire and warm smiles. I have never been to a place were the doors were opened for me and cars brought to my feet. Our room was on the third floor which was the main floor.
As soon as we walked in I was brought to giggles after seeing all the rose peddles on the bed and an envelope with "The Schuler Party" written on the front. It was so romantic I wanted to die! The envelope held a cute little card welcoming us to Salish lodge and the staff's signature all around. It was probably the nicest gesture that I've ever received. 
Yes, I took a picture of our toilet paper that was folded neatly. 
We had a sliding window that could be opened or closed to see into the living room!
Our Jacuzzi tub. With it's very own light show :) Totally cool!
My very first beverage inside our room was a Jones soda that they had in fridge! Check out the falls on the label. I kept it for a keepsake.
After making ourselves comfortable in the room we ventured off to see the Falls and roam around the grounds. 
Beautiful. I still can't believe I got married here!! 
We unfortunately couldn't take the trails downs to the bottom of the Falls due to construction being done. Re-opening will take place in 2013. Future anniversary planning for that date :) Hmmmm. I think so!!


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