Monday, May 23, 2011

on our dinner...

Right after the ceremony we took some finishing pictures and headed right up to the Attic in Salish. The Attic is known for being a laid back restaurant and is up on the highest floor in the lodge. The best part is that the it also has the best view of the Falls inside the lodge as well :) We chose to have dinner at the Attic instead of the more upscale & fancy restaurant downstairs mainly because the menu was more our style and also the prices were a little more reasonable. Not only that the vibe is so much more fun!

Bobby and I had our own little table to share and everyone else sat around us. Our party had our own little area of the restaurant to enjoy. It was really nice because even though the place was busy with people it really did feel like we had a little spot light shinning on us. It was special! 
Doesn't matter even on one of the biggest day of my life, being a mommy always comes first. My worn out tired little boy slept peacefully in the loaded restaurant in my arms for a while. And even though my salmon soup that I picked for dinner cooled down it didn't bother me at all as long as I got to hold that little boy in my arms. I love him so much and was so happy. I cannot wait to show him all the pictures of him running around the isle runner being a goofball. Such great memories to have!
Our cake turned out amazing, seriously stunning! The buttermilk cake and cream cheese filling was divine. Simple yet had personality. We cut up most of it and handed it out to all our family & friends to take home. Share the love!!!


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