Thursday, May 26, 2011

on a father & daughter...

My dad had some errands to run yesterday morning and I tagged along. I always love going out just me and him. We ended up talking about things that wouldn't normally come up in conversation around other people. We talk about deep feelings that only a father would want to know or ask about. Our relationship has grown over the years and mostly started to flourish after I moved to Philadelphia. I am thankful for it because I strongly believe that we needed to be apart to truly appreciate each other. Honestly I don't think I fully appreciated him until I had Sebastian. I know I've said it many times before and I do because it still blows my mind at how so many times my dad has told me that one day I'll look back and say ya, that old man was right. I still do it to this day. 
If you ever see me using a screw driver or hammering a nail or cooking up one of our traditional Hungarian dishes, well it's because of him.
So when we were out doing errands and he turns to me and asked if I wanted to stop at a bakery to grab some coffee and a pastry well all I could do was smile. He is awesome. 
L'Artisan French Bakery Cafe in Everett
Tons of pastries and such beautiful cakes. The green one was my favorite to look at! Dad got a double Mocha Latte with whipped cream...ummm how good does that look?? I got a Numi Earl Gray tea. While my dad got a dazzling Cherry Ganache and even though my butt was eyeing up the very plain looking croissant, noooooo, I had try that Chocolate Eclair sitting there starring at me. God help me. These are the days that stick with me the most, just sitting there stuffing our faces with $4 cakes & pastries and making fun of our grumpy waiter. 
I love my daddy. 

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