Thursday, May 26, 2011

on country village...

Yesterday me and the boys took a drive to Country Village in Bothell. This was a trip that I had to make time for since Country Village was always a place I looked forward to going to when I was a kid. It's changed a little bit and I noticed it didn't have as many cute shops as it used to, the big "now leasing" sign when entering was what caught my eye instantly.
Ducks, geese, chickens and many other birds like to roam around the village. Sebastian enjoyed just watching them in the pond. By the way, he is the cutest thing in some of these pictures.
I was a kind of disappointed because down around the pond there used to be a small merry-go-round that my sister and I loved. 
Walking around Sebastian took a liking to all the wood carvings :)
Up the hill we found a great play area that never used to be there. Sebastian was in heaven. And look what we found...
Yes, they moved the merry-go-round, however Sebastian barely sat on it for a second after seeing the huge pirate ship sitting next to it. How cool is that?!
They even had a fun train ride that we had to go on that took us all around the village.
If you've never been to Country Village then go! It's a nice quiet day. Lots of cute fun shops around. My favorite shop was the tiny one with a world of whimsical figurines. A few restaurants to grab lunch and definitely worth it if you have kids :) 

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