Wednesday, May 04, 2011

on a concert...

Last night Bobby and I went to see Rise Against
Show started at 7pm. However, we usually skip the first band because most the time they suck. Instead we had dinner. We headed to the Electric Factory and got there right in time to see Bad Religion who has been touring with Rise Against. I love Bad Religion. They've been around for a long time and so they are really just a bunch of old dudes. They stood there making fun of their "oldness" the whole night. And even though back in the 80's they were on the top, like Rise Against now, in the punk rock nation they don't care because they are in it for their adoration of their music and the love of their fans. You have to respect that. 
If you ask me what my favorite punk rock band is, well it's Rise Against. Their lyrics are something they are very passionate about. They aren't after fame and fortune, they want to make a difference every time you hear them preform. They really played a great set last night and both Bobby and I really enjoyed their performance. We left with our ears ringing, bodies aching and well, me a little buzzed because yes, I had a few drinks :) 
Here are some of my favorite songs that they played last night...


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