Sunday, May 15, 2011

on an arrival...

Hi. Howdy. Hey. Yo. 
I'm here in Seattle! And happy as can be. A little giddy. Actually a lot giddy. Hehe. The trip here was as good as can get. Long but that was to be expected. Flying has never been so stressful and long like it has been ever since I had Sebastian. Traveling with a two and a half year old is tough, no doubt. But it went great none the less.
We picked up the shuttle at the hotel we stayed at and it took us right to the airport which was great. Aunt Cheryl drove us up to the hotel and we kept our car at her house for safe keeping. (Thanks Aunt Cheryl!). We got dropped right off at Southwest and were very uneasy at the line that we saw of people standing outside! Yes, outside. Both Bobby and I were very confused because we had no idea why we had to be outside for baggage. We brought all our luggage up into line and was helped right away by a man who just took our information and came back with our boarding passes. Then took our luggage and we were set to go. I don't think I've never been through a line that quick in forever. I was amazing. Security was a breeze. Family lane is a beautiful thing. We already had a great amount of things to carry; my backpack, Bobby's backpack, Sebastian's Buzz backpack (filled with toys), garment bag with suit & wedding dress and the stroller. But the guys there helped load and unload stroller. Not to mention that we had about every electronic thing possible with us for this trip which you have to take out on put in bins. Hooray. We got through it.
The wait for the flight was a little longer that we would of liked just because check out at the hotel was 12pm and the flight didn't leave until 4pm. We managed though, Sebastian enjoyed watching all the planes go by and we even found a fun little fighter jet plane toy that he never let go the whole trip :) We walked around the airport and passed time.
 Boarding for Southwest is very different from anything we've ever done. You don't have assigned seats and it's first come first serve, which makes me nervous! We found seats in the very back row and it turned out the foot space is considerably bigger than the rest of the seats. Go figure. So, we were very comfortable. Of course Sebastian fell asleep for about 45 minutes before our first flight and ended up not sleeping a wink on the plane. Every parents dream when traveling is for their child to just sleep through it all. Every other trip we've taken the take off and landing has been problem with Sebastian. However this trip we heard more of WEEEEEE & WOOOOOWW or OOOH COOOOLLLL!!!! He was beyond thrilled of seeing us fly up like the planes we were watching at the airport. It was such a great feeling that he wasn't uncomfortable and was just having fun! The flight was fine, we watched movies and played and snacked. The one thing that drove me completely bonkers was Sebastian didn't grasp the fact that you can't kick the seat in front of you. Poor women. I swear he kicked her seat at least a couple dozen times. 
We landed in a very deserted Denver, Colorado airport. Bobby was very interested in this airport because of all the conspiracy theories floating around. Have you heard of them? I have, boy have I!! Bobby likes to talk up a storm on them. We weren't able to do as much exploring as we wanted because our layover was only one hour. The flight from Denver to Seattle was a piece of cake. The plane was packed and all three of us didn't get the chance to sit together. Sebastian and I found seat on the end of the right side and Bobby was right on the isle seat next to us. It wasn't all that bad. This flight Sebastian slept right through. All of it. From take off to landing to boarding of the plane and was still asleep right up until we met up with my dad :) 
It was a sweet reunion. Sebastian was very sleepy but was excited to see them. We got home pretty late and Sebastian laid right down for bed. 

We're here! And only 6 days until the big day :) 



  1. Sebastian looked thrilld with his adventure!
    Seems like it coudn't have gone better..
    Love, Mom