Sunday, May 01, 2011

on an adventure...

It really proves that yesterday was a very fun day! Last night I decided to cuddle with Sebastian in bed until he fell asleep and then get right out and stay up. Watch some movies, eat popcorn & blog. But hey, noooooo. I fell asleep :) Sebastian can be such a cuddle bug that I must of passed out. I'm not surprised because we spend most the day outside on an adventure...
If this isn't love, I don't know what is. I love how much his eyes smile!
Curtis Arboretum.
 Looking into the pond we could see large Koi fish, turtles of all sizes, tadpoles & huge toads!
I can't wait for the summer to have fun catching froggies.
 We had to blow on every dandelion in sight!
 We climbed every tree that we could. 
Look how tiny Sebastian looks compared to those big trees!
 We climbed some more...
 Mom even climbed up.
In the end we Sebastian made some college friends who attend the college down the street and that were having some fun in the sun. The girls thought he was adorable were as the guy that he was fearless as they watched him run around and climb trees. They gave him a squirt gun and I thanked them (sarcastically). They gave him silly string, I thanked them again (but really didn't mean it this time). And they gave him a juice box even though he had water. It never ceases to amaze me how Sebastian makes friends EVERYWHERE. He see's a group and he just charms them and soon we are on our way home with him in the back seat squirting me with water...Sigh. Curtis Arboretum is probably my favorite place to visit on nice days. There's no playground, just grass and trees. Just nature. And in the end we have a better time there than at any playground around. He is such a boy and I love it so much. Just seeing his face light up every time he throws a rock in the water makes my heart swell. It's the simple things most of the time that can get you the most pleasure. 

Well, I'm off to make a yummy omelet for my soon to be hubby who is just getting home from work after working all night. Then a nice stroll down the street to our Farmer's Market that opens back up today! Hooray for Sunday family fun day :) 


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  1. love these posts. Good stuff! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.