Friday, April 08, 2011

on things I'm loving...

I am loving...


This picture, I think it would be such a great Easter center piece. So elegant! 

Yes, I sell Froyo to a hand full of people at work although I sometimes forget we have it! Weird, I know. But usually I make a point to have one of these bad boys at least once a week. This time I had raspberries & granola on top, so yummm!

How cool are these? I adore nesting dolls but this idea is very crafty and would be such a wonderful little decoration to add to your living room. Let alone show off some photos. Go here and find out how to make these lovies.

Another pretty amazing photo of Snoqualmie Falls :) Only 43 days!!

This boy looking up at me. My heart swells every time.

These are incredible cuppy cakes. Like are you kidding me? The one on the bottom left corner with the white roses are my favorite. Beautiful.

Holly crap chair! No words.

Sebastian would flip. If we had one of these I'd so chose going down the slide. Who needs stairs!

What are you loving?


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