Sunday, April 03, 2011

on Sunday family fun day...

I enjoy Sundays. They are so refreshing and even though it usually is a very busy day for us and of course once we get home and sit our butts on my couch we feel exhausted but none the less Sundays are one of my favorite days.
We started the day out early! Which usually doesn't happen. We usually just lounge around in the morning, wake up late, eat breakfast late, don't really leave the house until late afternoon. But today was different. Bobby came home from work this morning after working 12 hours (still don't know how he does that, but love him for it) and he asked if we wanted to go out for breakfast. My answer was definitely heck to the yes! We quickly got ourselves together and headed to Bob Evans. It's what I call a diner type of restaurant. I guess kind of like Denny's or Ihop but more upscale. It's one of Bobby's favorite places to get breakfast :) I like it but more because it has such a cute little farm cottage feel to it inside. I was a little nervous because it's not only one of Bobby's favorites but also tons of other peoples because the parking lot was packed! But as soon as we walked in my nose was attack with a fresh smell of banana bread baking and a nice young lady told us the wait was only 10-15 minutes. Hooray. 
Sebastian got right to work on coloring and drinking his yummy beverage out a crazy flexible straw. I ordered sunny-side up eggs (yumm-o) with Bob Evans style home fries which are cubed up potato pieces, love them, with toast. Nothing fancy. I like the simple stuff for breakfast. Bobby pretty much got the same thing but added a side of their amazing pancakes topped with blueberries & whipped cream. The best part of our little breakfast was the balloon animal man. What you say? There was this man who walked around making balloon animals for all the kiddies in the restaurant! How cool is that?! Once he made it around to our table and saw that Sebastian was sporting a T-Rex on his shirt he went to work on making one out of balloons. Sebastian was amazed and this guy was super good at it. I was impressed. I wish I took a picture to show you all but by the time we got into the car Sebastian already popped Rex's body. Haha. We surely had lots of fun. 

Then it was time to head to the in-laws house for some Sunday family fun day. Yes. I know, it has a nice ring to it. Naturally Sebastian was sweet as pie to his baby girl cousin, Lilly. I am simply awed by how gentle he can be with her and also it's the cutest thing for me to watch. My heart melts whenever he rubs her little cheek and says aawwwweee bebe. 
He makes her laugh all the time :) 
annnnd of course me and her are totally bffs. 

 Sebastian made play-do sandwiches and had everyone (pretend) eating them. And sat in his favorite chair and watched a movie. He was clearly concentrating. 

Later on we did a whole lot of food shopping at Wegmans. It wasn't as crowded as most Sundays are so I was a happy camper. Once we got home not only were Bobby and I pooped out tired but also someone else...
Yes sir-ee that was what my little man did as soon as I took his shoes off his feet. Plopped right onto his seat and took a load off :) Who is sound asleep as we speak!

I picked up a few gems while shopping at Wegmans. I usually find something fun there that I can't live without. Like this ceramic travel mug with a rubber top. I heart it. It's super cute and only 12 oz. I've been in the market for a smaller sized travel mug. Hurrah, found one. I am a sort of collector of these fine beauties. Well, I guess it comes with the barista territory.

Have you ever tried dehydrated green beans? Delicious. I don't care if the container cost me six bucks. I am sitting on the couch now watching a movie while snacking on them as my tummy screams in joy.  
 It's great. 


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