Sunday, April 24, 2011

on recent times...

Just last Sunday Bobby woke me up around 7am telling me to please get up and get ready we have somewhere to go...Whaaaat! Where. When. WHY?? All he kept saying to me was that it's a surprise. Me being half asleep did what he said and got in the car while he drove. Eventually I found myself at 30th street train station and boy was I confused. I just kept thinking, why are we here? Are we going somewhere? But wait, we didn't pack anything! I couldn't help wonder and rack my brain over who in the world could be arriving by train to come visit us. I don't know anyone that can just take a train to come see us. 
As I am trying to figure this whole puzzle my little sister, Michelle comes up the escalator and walks towards me!
 Surprise doesn't even cut it. I was first very confused and then just in awe. How did she get here? She then went into a tale about how she flew from Seattle to Newark, New Jersey and then took the Amtrak train to the Philly station. She was on Spring break and my dad treated her to spend the week with me :D 
Sebastian was very excited to see his aunt and I was thrilled to get the chance to re-connect with my sister that I haven't seen for close to two years now. 
She slept on our couch pull out bed. Sebastian woke up every morning and would run into the living room to get under the covers and snuggle with Michelle.

They were attached from the hip!
 Annnnnd took lots of goofy pictures when I wasn't looking :)
 She spent the days hanging out with me at work and evenings cooking dinner and relaxing. We took Sebastian to the playground on the bright and sunny days  and Bobby and I even had a little date night in between. Which was amazing because we found a few more wedding goodies (will share soon!). 
The week went by quick but was so much fun and soon on Saturday we both were waking up at 2:30am to drive out to Philly airport for her to head home. Usually it would be a very emotional event for me but not this time since in just 20 days I'd be seeing her yet again. We said our good byes and see you soon's :D Even so I might be seeing more of her in the near future but that will be a detail to share for another time! 

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