Sunday, April 24, 2011

on current bits & pieces...

It's been close to two weeks now. And usually I would have a voice in my head saying "Hello, how dare you. Why aren't you writing. Everyone is very disappointed in you. You. Make. Me. Sick." Alas, this little voice was no where to be heard because I was truly just too busy. With stuff going on at work, wedding shenanigans & then my sister coming. Aaaahhh! Craziness I tell you. I don't think I barely had a chance to pick up my laptop other than check emails. So, instead of telling you in full length of all the things I've failed to tell you (yes, I am a failure), I thought a sort of list would do justice. 

Work: With Spring break my little shop was crazy with caffeine deprived people and thus very busy. I think I might invest in some of those shoes that have the built in skates on the bottom to roll around back & forth because I so think I did tons of miles on my feet last week! It was brutal. 

Creating: A full on itinerary for our time in Seattle. From the time we set foot on Washington soil we will be busy bees. Our engagement shoot will be early that week, which will be taking place at Pike Place Market. Also I'll be making time to get a wedding inspire tattoo on my arm! Done by a girl I went to high school with who now is a tattoo artist. No details for you. Sorry. It's a surprise.

Reading: I just got done reading Sing Me Home by Jodi Picoult. I was highly disappointed. It was very predictable and I pretty much knew what was going to happen page to page. It seems like a story that has been written or told many times. I lost interest about half way into the book when I was aware that it was going to take place in a court setting for most the book. I've heard people rave about it, yet I feel like the people that have told me that are people that would not normally open up a book that is mainly about a lesbian couple. I think I was mostly disappointed because most the books I have read by Jodi are gut wrenching stories that have maybe been told over and over but at the same time are very suspenseful. Oh well Jodi, you didn't please me this time. Now I am onto A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Now, this is my kind of book. Barely started and I am loving it!

Wedding: I told you Bobby and I squeezed in a little date night last week since my sister was here and was pretty much pushing us out the door to spend some time together :) Oh how I love her. We went to the King of Prussia mall to see if we can pick up a few more wedding goodies and then after grab some dinner & watch a movie. We had browsed around in the Kenneth Cole store a while back when we were in the market for a suit for Bobby but had no luck in finding the color we wanted. But yet again we found ourselves drifting towards it, well Bobby drifting towards it, and as soon as we stepped inside Bobby fell in love with "his" wedding shoes. We weren't sure if we were going to buy new shoes for the wedding because Bobby has a perfectly fine pair of dress shoes that would do fine with this suit but he saw these Kenneth Cole shoes and had to get them. The best part about it all was that they were on sale! And we ended up only spending $74 dollars!! Amazing. Next we finally found his tie :) I was getting nervous but we found it! Lastly, Bobby's sister Brittany who is a part time florist and I have been planning out all the wedding flowers. I am very thankful for her. She will be taking charge of all the buying and constructing out in Seattle!

Sebastian: is getting huge. Nothing more. Just growing too fast. I keep catching myself and trying to savor all these moments of cuddling and kisses because soon I am going to have a boy who doesn't want to touch his mother because of girl koodies...sigh.

Excited about: May. May is soon here! On the 3rd of May Bobby and I are going to see Rise Against. I am very exited for this because they are my very favorite band. I can't wait. And of course our trip to Seattle is very near and soon packing is going to be on my mind. Hold me. No, I will not think of that right now. Get ready for me to be a nervous nut case.

That's some bits & pieces of me.

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