Saturday, April 02, 2011

on April...

 Can you believe it's April?! It's really unbelievable.
Anyways, I'm back. The Internet has been very screwy around here and I've basically been without it for a good week. Finally got it back and hoping is stays like that. I really shouldn't be complaining since it is our sweet elderly neighbors wireless that we borrow...They're nice people and let us.
What? April? Holy cow! Can you believe it. I can't. Little did I know April snuck up on me. April showers started out early. I think it rained every single day last week. It felt like I was back in Seattle for a moment. I bet it's not finished with us either although it is quite sunny today.

Some noteworthy mentions that I'd like to share are...
Firstly, I finally found my wedding shoes :) I've been back and worth with things such as wither "to heels or not to heels". In the end I decided not to heels. Just too out of my comfort zone and I really wanted to be in my comfort zone on my wedding day. If you feel me. I found the most perfect purple flats that I've been on the hunt for. Don't the exact shade of purple that I was hoping for but good enough. I found them on Zappos. Have you ever purchased anything from there? This was my first buy and I am in love. First of all when I found the shoes on their website I loved how they had every possible angle of the shoe pictured so you can see. Also they have a mini video of a gal talking and also posing with shoe on! I was very impressed with it. Best of all I received my gem in the mail in two days :) Hurrah! I tried them on and they fit. So, sweet baby jesus I have my wedding kicks.
This month will be full of wedding goodness. I've been buying goodies for the wedding and then just shipping them to my dads house since there's no way I can travel with everything in my suitcase. Thank the lord for the world wide web. We pretty much have all the most important things all set to go and now just little things for the finishing touches. My wedding dress will be in my hand by the end of the month. I can't wait for that :) Everything is feeling so complete and now it's time to just wait for May 14th when we hitch a ride to the Northwest.


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