Tuesday, March 08, 2011

on who I am...

I am...

...not quite sure what I am doing in this picture but I thought what the hell. So, I just went for it. Feel free to make fun. 

...starting to take a liking to the veranda style font. Therefore I will be using it from now. Just in case you were wondering. 

...shedding for the wedding. Okay, not nearly as much as those people on the show (no offense). But it's crunch time, literally and some extra sit ups and weights are in my daily schedule. 

...full of pride. First of all I am just plain 'ol proud of myself for not marching over to my grump of a neighbors house on Saturday and shaking him until his old bones rattled! I kept my cool. Secondly I baked my very first cheesecake and it didn't turn out all that bad :)

...tickled pink whenever I get a fun comment from a new blog friend. I get all fuzzy inside. 

...thinking how awesome it would be to do all the things you love all at once. For exampe, I'd like to be a photographer, wedding planner, hair stylist & boutique owner. Hmmmm, you never know!

...excited for Spring being here in 12 days :) Sebastian and I had so much fun the other day playing outside, take a look at our day in photos if you haven't seen it. This Spring/Summer will be a memorable one!

...thankful for my husband to be :) He completes me! Oh, and I think we've decided on our wedding song♥

...overwhelmed with Spring cleaning fever! I have so many projects that have been consuming my mind. My nook still needs re-orginizing and also we want to re-do Sebastian's room. Ugg!

...the girl who makes people laugh without even trying.

...wishing I had a big group of friends to have crazy themed dinner parties with.

...not sure what I would do without music in my life. 

...ridiculously obsessed with the show Glee. 

...wondering when I will be completely comfortable in my own skin. Will the day ever come?!



  1. you are so frigging cute! suuuuch a babe.

    i meant to ask- that adorable house in the pictures from your day in pictures the other day... is that all yours?! sooo nice. you should post a house tour! i did an apartment tour of my last place, and once this one is all done, i'll be doing one again.

    i'm curious to hear your wedding song!


  2. Thanks Elle :) The house is actually not all mine. We rent the third floor of it! It's such a cute victorian home. Very old and brittle but full of life & character :D And I would love to do a tour of our little place..well not until my spring cleaning is done. Ya know what I mean girlfrann!

  3. haha, TOTALLY... do it up!

    yay to matching attic apartments in old homes! <3

  4. We were meant to be blog mates!