Saturday, March 12, 2011

on some saturday delights...

This morning Sebastian and I woke up to the sun shining in our window and a fresh breeze. I will be doing some tidying up before Bobby gets home so we can start our fun filled day. We will be taking Sebastian to see Rango :) It really does look like a cute movie, I think I am just as excited to see it as Sebastian. I showed him the trailer this morning and told him we are going to see it and he was all smiles. Then a quick trip to pick up my wedding ring ♥ I can't wait to get my hands finger on it. 
Sebastian is at such a fun age and is really starting to want to help out with things. It's so adorable because when ever I am cooking or baking he is pulling up the bar stool in the kitchen and picking up a whisk! So Bobby and I thought it would be fun to get Sebastian a little pet to take care of (with our help of course)!! What better animal than a fish! I will show you all later our little adventure and we'll just see what sort of fishy we come home with :) 

Since I am here why not share some lovies I am swooning over this fine morning...
I feel in love with this spice rack. How cool is that?! If I had wall space in my cupboard of a kitchen then I would have bought this in a flash but it will just have to wait until we have our dream house. It's like a piece of art work. 

These Great White Plugs from Plug Your Holes. I know, I little gory but I like them :) 

Betsy J. wedges that are just adorable. I think I might be able to walk in these.

This amazing picture of Snoqualmie Falls. SO beautiful and can not believe I will be marrying the love of my life in such a magical place. 

What are you doing this fine Saturday?
Hope it's something fun!



  1. I know! I am so tempted to buy them. But my Vans molded feet might be a little awkward in them haha.