Friday, March 04, 2011

on a medley...

Today after work I wanted to run to the grocery store before picking up Sebastian to get a few things for dinner and some milk. There's a store not too far from Sebastian's daycare that I've only been to once before. As I was picking up all our essentials I ran into a wall full of amazing k-cups. I have a Keurig that Bobby bought me a few Christmas' ago and I love it to death. There was a period of time where we ended up not using it much. Not sure why, I think because for a while grocery stores didn't carry k-cups and we didn't have any way to stock up on coffee. But now they are everywhere! I was excited when my eyes found some of these gems...
Nantucket Blend is my favorite mild coffee that Green Mountain has to offer. It's smooth yet not too strong. Don't get me wrong I like a strong cup of coffee but I can be more picky with my bold blends. I found this lovely Cafe Mocha :) Which I thought would be perfect for Bobby and sure enough he loves it! He made a cup before we went to work tonight. Score for me. I haven't yet gotten a Chai Latte k-cup before and have been meaning to so, we will see if I like it. Then lastly Twinings Earl Gray tea. I got the Bigalow brand of Earl Gray a couple weeks ago and it was yuck! It has such a gross plastic taste to it and I haven't really had much of the box. I'll save that for unexpected guests. Just kidding. Or am I?! I was happy for this little find and can't wait to try them all. 

Boys will be boys and they need their hardy meat & potatoes. I made them up some breaded pan fried chicken with garlic & parsley oven roasted potatoes. When Bobby has work at night I don't have a lot of time to work with from the time I get home to the time until he has to leave. So quick and easy dishes have been my friend. 
I love the way red potatoes look before they go in the oven with the little sprinkles of parsley. So pretty.
Bobby really likes chicken breaded this way. With just flour and eggs. It's one of his favorites. Annnnnnd that's dinner tonight. What are you cooking up? I'm thinking about making my first ever cheesecake. Hopefully this weekend I'll have some time. I'll let you know how that one goes. 

 Hoping the sun will be shining tomorrow. Bobby has work again tomorrow night so he'll be catching some shut eye while we're awake. Planning on spending the day out and about with Sebastian doing some errands and playing outside. 



  1. I would recommend trying the potatoes with fresh rosemary!! same recipe, just sub. the fresh rosemary for the parsley. You will love it.

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  3. Thanks! I usually do rosemary but since it was a quick fix up dinner parsley was all I had. I do love rosemary!