Saturday, March 26, 2011

on Friday night...

Hi. Hello there. It's Friday. And I'm happy.
So, here's a little story for you. There's a little nail salon/spa literally down the street from my house that I've always driven past. It's pretty much run out of a two story little house, Tiffany's is it's name. I've never been there but recently was recommended by Sebastian's speech therapist. I went today and boy was it the best ever!!! I'm serious. I've been so giddy about it ever since I got home. 
I opened the door and was greeted by many little asian ladies heads peering up from their desk saying Hello. My purse and coat were taken from me and put on my chair and I was seated. I couldn't believe how big it was from the inside! My lady went to work on me. Loved every minute of it. She even did an amazing massage on my hands and arms. Beautiful. After I was through with her painting my nails she escorted me to the station to dry my nails. I was very content with my time. That's when I was startled by something hot touching my back...and then I see a sign sitting in front of me reading 10 minute hot stone massage while your nails dry! WHAT! She started to give me an incredible massage with this huge black stone that was heated. 10 minutes! I was making all kinds of really gross noises but I didn't care if the women next to me thought I was different, It felt goooooood! The best part of it all, and I still have a silly little grin on my face, is that all this just cost me $12 out of my pocket :) Which is what I pay at the place I go to in the mall I work at, and I had such a great experience. I just love finding places like this where you really just can't wait to go back! 

Tonight I made Peppers & Egg Sandwiches. This is something I adapted from Bobby's family. I never ever ate this sort of thing for dinner in my life until I was introduced to the Schuler family. It's something Bobby requested for this week and I decided since I was getting home a little late it was a quick dinner to whip up. Bobby really enjoyed it after eating 3 whole 
  The sandwich with the ketchup is mine. Don't judge. 

Remember we have fish now. Well, we only have one. The black goldfish decided to die on us. It was quite tragic. Actually Sebastian didn't even notice and I was okay because the fish I picked out, Calico, was still alive! It was Bobby who was practically in tears over it. Don't tell him I said so. Anyways, RIP Blackie. We still have Calico. Who is quite weird if I might say so. 
He likes to pick up the rocks with is mouth and then spit them out. Have you seen a fish do that? I haven't. Weird I tell you, WEIRD!
 He's still cool though. 

Happy Friday.


  1. It always seems like one goldfish will die. I have never been able to keep more than one alive for long!! and my fish does that with the rocks too. They are sucking the algae off the rocks I think.

  2. I know! It sucked. We did everything right. Oh well. Yes, after posting this I actually went online to see what the rocking sucking thingy meant and that's what I read :) It's still super weird though haha.