Sunday, March 20, 2011

on the first day of Spring...

Today started out with some Spring cleaning. Last week was a busy yet uneventful one but it felt like my cleaning was put on hold so today was the day to get it all done and over with. It does feels great to get a good 'ol cleaning out of the way. 
No way were we going to have all work and no play so after Sebastian took a little snooze we headed to Pennypack Park which is a huge park with trails all over the place that basically cover a big part of Northeast Philly. It was a bit chilly out but the sun made it bearable. Take a look at our fun time out (photo heavy)...
Can you tell I am a little pigeon toed...oh geez!
Sebastian wanted to stay and watch the little waterfall forever! 
Fiance ♥
He just did not want to look at the camera, too busy watching the duckies swim.
My hair is getting so blonde :)
Action shot 1.
Action shot 2.
Action shot 3. We did this about a dozen times. Boys will be boys :D
Then someone was too lazy to walk back to the car so daddy gave him a ride. 
Best part of my day was discovering a Krispy Kreme Donuts literally 10 minutes away from our house...Whooaaa! When I asked the girl when they opened she said NOVEMBER! What.The.Hell. Where have I been? I haven't ate a KK donut since 2006. They are seriously melt in your mouth and I am in so much trouble!! Baby jesus help me. 
Tonight I will be ending the day next to my beloved fiance with a donut in one hand and a tea in the other while watching Due Date. Pure bliss. Have you seen it? I saw it in the theaters but Bobby hasn't seen it, it's such a funny movie. Must see. 
Happy First Day of Spring. 
Only 62 days until Bobby and I tie the knot :D


  1. oh gosh I know! I get all depressed when I don't post...but my week was so barf! I'm better now though :D Never fever Anny is here!

  2. That's suppose to say fear...oh boy.