Saturday, March 05, 2011

on a day in photos...

7:30 am
 I woke up to Sebastian putting his cowboy boots on in bed.

8:00 am
 Coffee & milk (for Sebastian) with some mini donuts for breakfast.

9:00 am
 Cleaned. While Mr. Cat & Mr. Sebastian stayed out of my way :)

10:00 am
 We got ready for our day.

10:30 am
Bobby came home and handed me this. A notecard he found on my car from my grumpy old neighbor. Got to love old men who can't seem to get any pleasure in life but leave damn notes on our cars. For no reason mind you. 
By the way click on the picture for a bigger view so you can actually read it. You.will.die!

11:00 am
We enjoyed the sunshine.

12:00 pm
 We played. We laughed. We goofed. We loved. We enjoyed the sun some more.

1:00 pm
I had lunch while pumpkin slept.

3:00 pm
 Weather took a turn while it was nap time so we did art!
 Then finger painted. 
Sebastian made this for daddy to take to work.

6:00 pm
 We baked our very first cheesecake. Let you know tomorrow how it turned out!

Now I've got my cup of Earl Gray tea (which I review to be way better than the Bigalow brand k-cup, booyah) and my kindle to do some much needed reading!
What a wonderful day :) 



  1. I did one of these posts the other day. So fun! I loved yours.
    My favorite is the old man note. made me laugh.

    And, I have the same makeup bag. :]

  2. Sebastian is a COUNTRY BOY! Weather you like it or NOT, I'm gona have to find him some new boots and a hat to go along with them!!
    Oh by the way how was the cheese cake? If you need a tast tester, I'm available...
    Love Sebastians art work. finger painting is soo much fun
    Love, Mom

  3. i love seeing peoples' day in pictures! i'd do it, but 9 hours at the office isn't too exciting ;) i might do it anyway though!

    sebastian is seriously such a little sweetie.

    and mmmmmmmmmmm cheesecake! please post pictures of you devouring it and describe how frigging delicious it is. thanks ;)