Thursday, March 24, 2011

on what's inside my make-up bag...

I stayed home today. I have felt a little under the weather the last two days. I'm not dying of sickness or anything like that but sometimes I just need to listen to my body and give it a rest. It has been a very nice day just at home however was mostly spent on the couch. I did fold tons of laundry so I don't feel like a complete lazy bum. 

I wanted to show you all what's in my make-up bag. I love make-up. Always have enjoy doing fun things with shadows. The brighter the color and more vibrant the better however I have grown fond of the natural shades lately. Sephora is my best friend and is were I buy a lot of my make-up but I have plenty of make-up bought at the drug store as well. Mascara & eyeliner have been two of the things that I just pick up at Target because I feel like they are all the same on me. My favorite make-up brands have to be Urban Decay & Mac! Love both. Here are just some of my favorites out of my bag...
There's my bag. Very unorganized, thanks Sebastian. He likes to adventure in there :)
Right after I step out of the shower my precious face gets treated kindly by this gem. Aveeno is the best product ever! I love this face moisturizer for it's great hydration yet does not make your face all oily. I've had bad luck with face lotion and once I found this I've stuck with it. It also has a SPF 15 which is nice. 

These are just what I find myself using the most out of my bag. My day to day group of lovies. Down on the bottom right corner is a clear tube of Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This stuff is amazing. I put that one after my face sucked up my Aveeno lotion. I received a free sample of this stuff once upon a time from Sephora and then rushed out and bought a tube to keep! It is a little pricey but goes a very long way. I've had this tube for over 6 months and haven't even used half of it! You don't need to apply much to get results. It's great for days were you know you will be outside for a while and want your makeup to last.
Before applying any of these colors I first primer my eyelids with the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Urban Decay palettes make me happy. Both were gifted to me by my best friend ever. You'd be surprised by how long these bad boys can last. And after using them all up you know which colors you love best.  
I use Bare Minerals foundation. I've been using it since high school. I have such fair skin it's hard to find anything out there to match my skin tone. It goes on light face yet gives you a sleek finish. I've also heard Mac foundation is great too. I think I might give it a go after I've used my minerals up. 
My current blush is just something I quickly picked up from Target--Maybelline Mineral Powder blush color- true peach. Blush is hit or miss with me but this was a good buy. Then when I want to be bold I use Bare Minerals Warm Radiance bronzer. 
My most prized piece that I have in my bag is Pout simmer. 
 I heart anything that simmers and gives you a sparkle. I randomly bought this gem at Sephora like 3 years ago and had it ever since. I can't find it anywhere anymore and so I've savored it. It make me feel like a fairy :D

As for brushes, I've never spent too much on them. They aren't top of the line or name brand but they do the job. I have no doubt bought brushes that are pieces of crap in the past and as of right now I have a great group of them that have held up for a while. I do eventually like to spend some extra fun money on a nice set. 

Well, that is a glimpse inside my make-up bag. 
Let's see yours :)


  1. wow, we use a lot of the same brands. If you love shimmery powder, YOU HAVE TO HAVE this

    I wear it every day, whether I wear eye makeup or not. its so beautiful on fair skin like ours! I wear the color "soft and gentle" it lasts FOREVER. I have had it for 8 months and its barely touched.

  2. Gahhhhh! Love it. Thanks :) I'll be going on a make-up spree for the wedding so this will be going on my MUST buys! Thanks Erin.