Saturday, February 12, 2011

on who I am...

I am...
...happy for my three day weekend. I took off Monday, Valentines Day off to spend it with both my boys! We are going to take a little family trip to the Please Touch Museum. I like going every winter and have not yet taken Sebastian. He is going to have a ball. Plus Sebastian's speech therapist, Yvonne is letting us use her season pass :) She is a very nice lady.
...frustrated with not having a computer. We went to Best Buy and found out that they have  been lying to me this whole time. I have taken my computer back to get fixed with the same problem four times and was under the impression that if the same problem occurred yet again that they would replace my laptop. Not! They said that with my extended warranty they don't do that. Really? Well, then why are all these Geeks telling me otherwise??

...very excited to have my very good friend Ashley & her husband be our photographers for our wedding. She is a very talented girly and I am so looking forward to spending some time with her. I know for sure my special day will be captured so perfectly! Check out her website here.

...thinking that lately time has not been on my side. I can use some more hours in the day. 

...sick of these freezing temperatures. We need a little warm sun in our lives so the snow will melt away and we can go play at the playground. 

...going to attempt to start cleaning and organizing my crafting nook. It has turned into a messy pile of god knows what over the past year. It's super discusting and I hardly can look at it. I'm serious, my eyes try their best not to wonder towards that particular location of my living room. Sigh. I will totally do a before and after picture for you. Because it will be a miracle when it's finished. 

...completely obsessed over some new music. Angus and Julia Stone.This brother and sister inspire me with their words. Take a listen.

...presently feeling the urge to cut my hair. Not me cut my hair but my hair dresser. I think I want to go shorter. Not too short because I do want to look like a girl on my wedding day. Just give it a little something, It's been feeling very blah. Also I think I want to go a lot lighter in color. Hmmm.

...wondering if other mothers of two year olds feel like me. Like right now I'm sitting in my living room and thinking didn't I just clean the whole living room just yesterday? What the heck happened to it. Toys everywhere. A couch cushion fort in the middle of the living room. I really do think Sebastian plots to destroy the order I make in our living room. 

...loving coffee. I drink way too much of it I'll admit. But I really don't know what I am going to do when it comes time for me to get out of the coffee business. Without being surrounded by coffee. I mean you can only imagine what it's like for me at home on the weekends. I find myself lost. I have a Keurig which does the job.

...sad that I've been lacking on cooking regularly. I've been just doing lots of quick meals. Hence the no time thing. It sucks. Hoping to get back into the groove of things. I've found some great foodie blogs, it's time to try some new recipes out. 

...missing my little sister. I feel like we have grown apart. I'm a parent now and she is a teenager who needs to look in the mirror and find her true self. We can have completely different views on things because of the point in life we both are at. She battles with two homes on a daily basis. And two parents. One that is just pure evil (in my opinion) and one that just cares way too much (that would be my dad, god bless him!). The distance between us doesn't help either. I find it hard to talk to her when I know I don't agree with the things that she is doing in her life. However I have told myself a long time ago that there is really nothing I can do to help someone who doesn't want to be helped. Or a person that doesn't make the same effort for me. All in all, I hope we both come to a point in life that will allow us to understand each other better. I long for us to be what we were a few years back. Makes me sad but I think we will reach that point in time. 

...finally spending some quality time with my gem. My camera. I finally have sat down and fiddled with it some. Learned some new things and experimented. It amazes me that such a small thing can make such beautiful creations. I took this picture of Sebastian. It makes me smile.

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