Saturday, February 19, 2011

on twenty things...

Here's twenty things you may or may not know:

 1. I'm a black belt in karate. I was very passionate about it until I was forced to quit due to my parents divorce. It totally sucked.

2. When I was a kid and had really bad nightmares all I had to do is listen to my dad snoring in the next room to feel at ease. HA. It was comforting to hear him. 

3. My natural hair color is dirty blonde. Aka...poopy yellow. You won't ever see it.

4. I spent a whole summer in Hungary with some family when I was 16. It was the first time in my life that I finally felt independent. It's also where I got my first piercing. Nostril. Which was pierced by a chick who had some extreme hairy armpits. Quite an experience. 

5. When I get home from work at times I'll still have my purse on my arm and coat on my back while I start tiding up our place. I'm a compulsive cleaner to say the least.

6. When I returned back home after flying out to Philadelphia to meet Bobby for the first time my dad picked me up from the airport. We got in the car together and I burst into tears. I was crying so hard my dad thought the worst but really I was crying because I knew Bobby was the "one" and I knew that I was going to have to chose. Philly or Seattle. 

 7. I walk slightly pigeon toed. Unless I am completely lazy then I can actually trip over my feet. I know. Attractive. 

8. I get very depressed when ever I see a movie with Heath Ledger. He has a dear place in my heart. 

9. It depends on the situation but I can be very claustrophobic. Just watching Sanctum the other day made my palms sweaty. Yikes. 

10. I am very picky about my handwriting. If I write something and don't like the way it looks I will write it all over again. 

11. I have to sleep closest to the door. I have this need to be able to protect. 

12. I miss Seattle more than anyone can ever imagine. 

13. My dream is to own my own hair salon boutique. You'll come get your hair cut and shop for some cute vintage apparel. Win!

14. I've had nine piercings all together. There are a few I don't have in anymore. 

15. I keep a cute little pencil pouch in my purse that is filled with all of my favorite pens and pencils.

16. I drink hot tea all the time even in the summer. 

17. When ever I get an up-set stomach for whatever reason, salt & vinegar chips are the only thing the settles it. 

18. I've owned every single Nintendo Game Boy ever made! I got the DS a while back and that was were I called it quits. 

19. Even being at age 22 I still have a hard time with authority. I just don't like people telling me what to do. Simple as that. 

20. I'm not really into the night scene. There's only one person I love going out with and that's my best friend Tanya. Other than that a good time for me is at home doing my thing. And a really good time is when I can actually stay up past 10! Ha. I sound like I should be on menopause. 


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  1. "5. When I get home from work at times I'll still have my purse on my arm and coat on my back while I start tiding up our place. I'm a compulsive cleaner to say the least."

    ME TOO! i have to basically tell myself to take my damn coat off before i start running the water to do dishes, or clean up the crap off the coffee table!