Sunday, February 06, 2011

on tonight & a huge photo dump...

Tonight was fun. And not because of the football. But because of family. We headed down to South Philly to enjoy being together with family and also food :) 
Zach, Bobby's cousin had his 18th birthday this year and today we celebrated. Not sure what got into Sebastian today but he was a very sweet little boy enjoying every minute and spending some time with each person. 
But first before I share tonight I'd like to share what I wore. 

 Shirt, Forever 21. Skirt, Wet Seal. Brown tights, Target. Flats, Target.
Well, that's sort of a lie. I actually changed into jeans after these pictures were taken. I've been feeling a little bloated and fat! One guess I took comfort in my favorite pair of jean, as shown above, and headed out to the party. I was content. Still the outfit looked cute and will rock it another time. (don't remind me that I so need to do a little fake tanning before the wedding).

 Sebastian had to pack his little backpack to bring along some goodies :) This was too adorable not to share. 

Meet Zach the birthday boy about to blow out his Tiramisu cake. 
 Sebastian waiting patiently for cake and dished out some kisses. Courtney got lucky :) 
 Everyone gathered around the flat screen on the wall.
 While Sebastian did his little jig to the Black Eye Peas. 
 Then hitched a ride on Aunt Cheryl's Buddy Scooter :) 

All in all tonight was great. Now I am about to see the best Glee episode ever, combination Thriller & Heads Will Roll. Pure epic!!


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