Tuesday, February 08, 2011

on some small happy things...

Today I woke up with a skip in my step. 
It started out in the car on my way to work as I was rocking out to one of my favorite bands Mumford and Sons. Do you know of them? I seriously have never wanted to jam on the banjo as much as I do when I listen to their music. I get into it so much that I'll be in the car playing my air banjo. Yep. It's quite a sight. 
Then at work today my boss told me that he is giving me a little pay raise! Do a little jig. Go me :) It's not a dramatic increase but it still feels good no matter. Coming into this job a little over a year ago I took a pay cut but didn't make a huge deal about it since all my needs were met and the understanding was there that I need a set schedule. I'm quite snug about that fact that both Bobby and I got some sort of raise this year. I think that is a nice triumph. 
Another thing that is so great is we only have 40 days until Spring starts! Hallelujah. I am so sick of winter, epically here in Philly. Very depressing with all the snow and freezing temperatures. I just can't wait for sunny days at the park, being able to wear flat without slush finding it's way into them, and nature finally waking up. Oh and the small detail that I'm getting married :) 

Tonight I made a homemade Margarita Pizza. I wanted something quick and easy tonight since I had to bring some work (by work I mean making a gift basket for a customer) home with me tonight and won't have too much time to be spending in the kitchen. When I say quick and easy I really mean it, I didn't even make up my own pizza dough. I just got the already made up stuff which does not taste the same but does the job.
 I always like to do a Margarita pizza everyone once in a while epically since my stomach can't always take red sauce. 

I'd like to conclude tonight with something silly that I found at Dainty Squid (my fave blog). It's called Slogan Maker. You write words into the box and it generates a random slogan. I wrote in Calico Tales and got this: Calico Tales for beauty to have and to hold. Really? It made me giggle. Now you go try it, go here.

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